Build a fretless acoustic?

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  1. Some time ago I posted a thread regarding building a custom bass with the help of a luthier. Well, something came up, and that luthier is on vacation at the moment, so I guess it was back to waiting for me. However, it also gave me time to think more about what type of bass I'd like to build. I recently got hooked on the idea of acoustic basses after reading bassplayer's August issue reviewing Flyer Basses. I got even more hooked when I came across this video:

    Initially I wanted to build a electric fretless, now I feel like going for a acoustic fretless instead. Currently as of now I do have certain situations where an ABG would be fitting. Namely small jam with friends and being able to play amp-less. (I've been playing my bass unplugged, but its not really working out especially when I trying to practice complex and fast lines that won't come out as much unplugged) (not to mention I immediately can't hear my bass once my sister switches on the tv at full blast) (and I string on flats)

    What's your personal experiences with ABGs? Do you recommend them?
  2. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
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    If you want one primarily for being able to play without an amp, you're gonna have to build something enormous like a guitarron. Any "normal" sized acoustic bass would be overpowered by acoustic guitars.
  3. A fretless ABG can sound pretty cool, but from the ones I've tried, 99% still need an amp to be heard with other instruments. I have a very basic ABG (fretted) that I use for noodling about at home when I don't feel like plugging in and I like it, but it couldn't compete with an acoustic guitar.

    I'd say go with the electric fretless and maybe add a piezo pickup & have it semi-hollow body to get a slightly more ABG sounding tone but in a more usable way.
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    Dec 27, 2008
    +1. Without an amp, you're not going to keep up with acoustic guitars. Tried it. Doesn't work around the campfire.