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Build DIY Bass guitar head+cabinet

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by hard_armada, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. hard_armada


    Jan 26, 2014
    I new in here and registering for asking some specifical question. If you know or will after I say, in my country dealers not ships cabs cause of their huge weights or if ships than it will cost above 1000 for any 200w good cabinet. Heads... long story...
    So I decided to ask question if 4x Eminence Legend Bp 102 or 102-4 good enough for DIY cabinet with series/parallel wiring?(frequency 40hz up to 2khz)And which head I need to buy or build myself? If build myself, i think about hybrid or half tubed version head.
    Another questions about how much resistance on cab will be, how much amp need to work cab rightly(for each channel)?
    P.S. Total i need 200w for little gigs.
    P.S.S. I Russian speaker, sorry for bad English.
  2. seamonkey


    Aug 6, 2004
    Little micro heads hardly weight 1kg. Hardly any cost to ship. Make sure you get one that can work off your countries line voltage.

    Find plans for the best and easiest cabs you can build here:

    You may not be able to purchase the exact same driver, but both sites will help you adjust the design to help with whatever local speaker you can get.

    Don't fall for the "It has to have 4 x 10". It's not true, good designed multi-way cabinets can be smaller lighter and perform better.

    Get some Baltic Birch plywood - it's the worlds best kind :)
  3. hard_armada


    Jan 26, 2014
    I watched sites that you offer, yes, in first I find out good cabs but no plans, in seconds they are horrible and need to pay for any. Cabs to heavy from 6 kg, that is why its cost much in shipping. I want economy on cab for good head.
    I need any good plan of cab with total resistance 8 oms, or 4 in each out channel(I find something but they are not too good). Maybe I can built with 2 15' drivers but I want to built with budget drivers from eminence legend I can find max load only 8oms, if wire it anyway I will have 4 or 16 oms load, I need total load 8oms. Is it possible to make with one 15' driver with 8 oms load? Any plans...
    Thanks for wood, I was searching for good one. But it cost cheap but shipping cost twice =) So I will do my work with some analogue wood here.
  4. Russia should have plenty of baltic birch, that's where it comes from.

    BFM can save you on drivers. His cabs go 2x louder per watt input.

    Shooting for 40hz won't work. Read the review of f-deck HPF in the effects forum.
  5. hard_armada


    Jan 26, 2014
    2Downunderwonder: Its about misunderstanding, I'm russian speaker, not russian.
    So BFM cabs you think better than building one 15' driver cab, okey, any example? I said that I need only 200w for repetition and little gigs, not much and less. Is the that driver from eminence suits for my plan if I use it with 200w head? In totally I need 8 oms load and 200w power.
    About shooting 40hz, it impossible with one speaker? Or i dont get what you mean
    f-deck HPF good thing, reading about that...
  6. The amp head will supply the power (watts). So long as the speaker can take at least the power of the amp it is okay if the speaker could take more. 450 watt speaker with 200 watt amp is okay (good).
  7. Welcome to TB! Any speaker you like the sound of is good enough to build a cab around. Unless you are an electrical engineer, I would not attempt to build an amp head. If you want cab around 40hz like Ampeg's 10 inch cabs, I built a sealed 2x10 that is 25 1/2 inch tall by 10 5/8 inch wide by 12 1/2 inch deep (interior dimensions). Rule of thumb for 10" cabs is 1 cubic foot per speaker (interior).
    Here's a 2x12 ported cab instructions from Duke LeJeane:

    http://wiki.talkbass.com/index.php?title=Learning_Links_For_All_TBrs :bassist:

    do a google search for building cab of choice and add talkbass.
    Example: 2x15 bass cabinet talkbass
    There is a deep pool of data on this topic if you search TB.

  8. hard_armada


    Jan 26, 2014
    2B-string: If I build 200w cab and run with 180 amp, it will be good, but Is it can hold all, I mean 200w amp?
    All-right, I think I decide how to. But last question, is it necessary to have tweeter driver into speaker that must be half power of your main driver? How it sounds or is it sound without tweeter driver good?
  9. Maybe, better to have the speaker able to take more than the amp can give.

    Tweeters are a personal sound choice, many people don't like them or turn them off in bass speaker cabs. Tweeters don't get all the power from an amp. Tweeters get very little of the amp power. From a 200 watt amp maybe 30 watts would be available at the tweeter's working range.
  10. hard_armada


    Jan 26, 2014
    2fnord: I looked the schemes of head and much scared))) It will too hard for me build good preamp into the head, I was never do it. That is why I decide to buy it. About your cab, man, did you wire them separately to different output jacks or series and parallel, in this cause, I will need 4 oms in each out. I think separately but in one box is optimal, isn't it? But the way I like your plan of sealed 2x10 cab, its more like Hartke cabs.

    2B-string: Thanks) You help me a lot.
  11. hard_armada


    Jan 26, 2014
    So finally.
    2x12 cab with 200w, 4 oms load, frecuency 40hz up to 2khz 2x10' Eminence drivers which separetely connected different output jack in one box will work or not?
  12. Is the speaker cab a two 12" cabinet (2X12) or a two 10" speaker cabinet (2X10).
    It does not make any difference if you use one wire lead to two speakers or one wire lead from each speaker to the amp. The amp will see the same speaker load.
  13. hard_armada


    Jan 26, 2014
    Sorry. I mean 2x10.
  14. Okay, two 8 ohm 10" speakers you can run one cable wire to both speakers (speakers wired in parallel) or two cable wire leads to the amp. Either way the amp will see a 4 ohm load.
  15. 2x10 can't make enough 40hz to be valuable. Only with very expensive speakers.

    Do you know SVT 8x10? This cab is only good down to 60hz with careful control of EQ. It is a sealed cab, this naturally controls cone excursion quite well.

    The fundamental frequencies of the lowest notes add relatively little interest to the sound, but cost very much amp power and demand long excursion from the speaker. Better to remove that demand from the system. Then make good use of ported cabs designed to be efficient at the higher frequencies.

    BFM's Jack cabs are ported with a short horn to increase efficiency of midrange.
  16. Oobly


    Jun 19, 2008
    I hope I didn't misunderstand but it seems you couldn't find the plans for the fEARful cabinets on the site? Here they are if this is the case:


    It may be hard to get exactly the right drivers in Russia, but I highly recommend the cabinet design.

    The 12/6 with Alpha mid is the best value for money. It uses Eminence drivers (3012LF and Alpha6A or Alphalite6A). It is an 8 ohm cab.

    There is also the 1212/6 which is 4 ohm, but it uses an Eighteensound 6ND410 or 6NM410 mid driver instead of the Eminence Alpha.

    Or you could make two 12/6 cabinets and use them together for 4 ohms.

    A micro head should be easy enough to get there. I recommend Gallien Krueger MBFusion 500 or 800 hybrid heads. They are light, very powerful and sound good. If you can't get the Fusion heads, the MB500 and MB800 are also good, but don't have tubes.

    Another option is to use a separate power amp and preamp or you may be able to find a used Sovtek tube bass amp somewhere.

    If you want to find out more about the fEARfuls, you can register on the dedicated forum and find all the help you need there: http://greenboy.us/forum/
  17. hard_armada


    Jan 26, 2014
    2downunderwonder I don't understand you cause Eminence says Legend Bp102 support 40hz up to 2khz. Is manufacture lies about it or this is some physical thinks that I can't understand. Please explain, can I reach good sound with this drivers or I need change and buy expensive ones.
    2Oobly: You right I didn't find plans, I take look and will think about it. Galien Krueger too much for me on power and price. I think about some Behringer or little Ampeg head.
    I think about Ultrabass 180w or Fender Rumble 150 head or something under 300usd with shipping to post-sovet country and 200w cab. Is it enough for little gigs on clubs and bars? I think it will good enough to make a day. For cab I will chance something in wiring for suits for head.
    Another question, if head has 2 parallel output with 4 om load each. Can I insert two 4 om drivers which connected in parallel to one pot(I think it will be 8 on together). But what for another pot? Or I need to connect each driver separately to head?
  18. Here is the confusion. Two parallel outputs that say "4 ohm minimum" on most amp heads mean that is the LOWEST number in ohms that you can connect in total to one or both jacks combined. Two 8 ohm to those jacks equal the 4 ohm, a 4 ohm and 8 ohm cab make 2.67 ohms TOO LOW, two 4 ohm speakers equal 2 ohms way too low and amp may be damaged with the 2.67 or 2 ohm load. It is not 4 ohms each, it is 4 ohms total between them.
  19. hard_armada


    Jan 26, 2014
    Or for connect output on Fender Rumble, for example, 2 parallel output with min 4 om load. I need 2 cab or series wired 2 drivers with 8 load, and then in output of head will regulize it? Otherwise i am totally idiot and can't understand. :bawl:
  20. If it is the Rumble head unit only, you can use two 8 ohm cabs or only one 4 ohm cab period no matter how you connect to the head.
    If it is a Rumble combo that has an Extension Speaker jack you can only connect an 8 ohm cab.
    Amp heads supply the "watts", speakers "load" the amp head in "ohms".
    Speakers don't make "watts" and amp heads don't make "ohms".
    Hope this helps some?