build FX loop pedal ??

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by FretGrinder, Feb 4, 2002.

  1. Wondering how hard it would be to build an effects line pedal with on / off footswitch, blend & volume knobs, line in, out, send & return. This would have to be a) significantly cheaper than a boss LS-2 b) if not true bypass, pretty tranparent c) not too difficult to build.

    I suspect not, or we'd all have one ... right?

    I wouldn't need this if the following worked: I got this line splitter box, 1 into 4 ... I've never tried using it "forwards" but when used "backwards" (using the 2 outs on my sans amp) with > 1 line going into it the signal level drops a lot and sounds ****ty. Impedance mismatch? WHat can I do about it? Thanks.

    - Bedfinder
  2. it is very easy to build and extremely cheaper then the boss unit... mine cost about 10 bucks so far but i want to put a better switch on it so say 15-20 total. If you search online you will find many many step by step instructions on how to build one.