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Building a cab again. Last Minute Opinions and Suggestions needed:

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Magneto, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. I'm planning a new cab for one of my Eminence Kappa Pro LF-2 15's that I currently have in a 2x15+tweeter arrangement. I've recently purchased an Avatar B210 NEO cab, and want a single 15 cab to compliment the rig. What I'm thinking about is a 2 way (or semi-3-way) cab, using a SBB4 alignment for the Kappa.
    I'm seriously considering either the Eminence Alpha 6 or Alpha 8MR for mids, using an Eminence pxb2:800 crossover. I'll be running the cab from my GK 1001RB-2, so the idea of possibly wiring the cab to use the separate tweeter amp for a Foster tweeter horn is an option. I could wire the woofer and mid to the passive crossover, while running the tweeter separately in the same cab. This might be welcomed flexibility, as I could use (or not use) the tweeter when needed.
    I want this cab to be a good standalone cab, and as well as complimenting the B210. There will be times when I'll be running either cab alone, and the Kappa just doesn't cut it without help.
    Choosing the mid driver is what concerns me. With the Alpha 8mr sealed-back, I wouldn't have to separately partition the cabinet. Even though the useful freq range isn't as high as the Alpha6, it would be adequate especially if I run the tweeter. I believe this arrangement wouldn't leave any holes in the freq range.
    Suggestions? Am I missing anything critical?

    Thanks for taking time with this..

  2. bump.. this forum does move fast..

  3. The Alpha 8MRA offers two advantages to you here.
    1) The rising high end SPL of the LF2 matches the Alpha
    2) The 8MRA goes high enough for a tweeter to kick in
    Not having to build a subchamber is another plus.

    The 800 Hz crossover is appropriate here, so the LF2 will produce the majority of the signal. The 8" is subject to much less stress due to the higher crossover frequency. The system will be pretty directional due to a 15" driver operating up to 800 Hz.

    Depending upon need, tweeters may be required.
  4. bgavin: Thank you for stopping by. Your suggestions sound very good, and I will be going with the 8mr. I am going to install the Foster tweeter in this cab, and try out the tweeter amp on the GK. I've been wanting to experiment with it, and haven't done so yet.

  5. Dont have much to say about the cabinet... just wanted to say "hi" to my "mortal enemy" :smug:

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