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Building a practice rig. Should it be done?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by JeffC, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. JeffC


    Mar 8, 2007
    Seems like this is the right section but if not I appoligize.

    Anyway, in my jam space I have my Peavy TKO 80 with a 15" speaker. Its alright but I have some issues with it. I was thinking of trying something with a few smaller 10" speakers.

    This may be toally impossible or useless but let me know. I have 2 10" subwoofers in a box from a car stereo setup I don't use anymore. With the setup I also have a 600w amp. Is it feasable to use this for a jamspace or should I just deal with it for a while and save up for something that will better suit my needs.

  2. Deal with it and save your bones for something better, something used but in great shape.. watch the classified section here on TB, look at what sells and how much it sells for.. make your choices with good research here on TB and make a sound decision. I don't believe that you can go wrong that way.. just spend a lot of time reading.. it will point you in the right direction.. that is my 2 cents worth..

  3. I know there are people who have used their car audio systems to amplify their basses. If you took those speakers and mounted them in an old cabinet or one you made yourself you could have a nice setup (depending on the speakers). And it would be a fun project, and the pride of having your own custom built cab.

    but yeah, if you keep an eye out and have a little wiggle room in your wallet then you can get some great deals used.

    my 2 cents.

    p.s. do some research on the speakers you have - ohms, power handling, frequency response. Make sure they would work for what you want...
  4. I would advise against it. Car stereo amps, home stereo amps, are not made to handle a bass. It might sound like a good idea, I know, I've tried. The subs would give you a ton of big bottom, but nothing, I mean NOTHING over 1 kH, at best, and you're speakers would be breaking up real bad at that point. The speakers just arent made to handle complex orders of harmonics, such as the one comming off you're bass.

    You would get a killer dubb sound though.
    I would save you're coin and shop around. OR, I would strongly suggest a pre-amp for you're TKO, preferably one with a good EQ and a compressor, it'll sound like someone took a blanket off you're amp.
  5. JeffC


    Mar 8, 2007
    Ok, I kinda thought that's kinda what I thought. I figured it wouldn't probably be the best idea.

    I'm a super noob, what is a pre amp, what type should I look for, expected cost, etc. ?

  6. basically, a pre amp is an regular amp without any power. it shapes the sound and sends it to a power section (like a power amp, or in this case your TKO) to be amplified through the speaker(s). im not really sure if theres any real advantage to going pre/power instead of a regular amp, but its a cost effective set up that makes for easy systematic upgrading.

    did I miss anything?

    you would run it bass--> pre --> TKO.
  7. ah yes, price. the good ones go from around $400 (sansamp, BBEmax) to $4000000000 (ampegs, agulairs, them kinds) so you have a whole lotta range budget wise. price doesnt nessesarily mean better, alot of people (like me) will swear by the sansamp over anything else.
  8. In the simplest terms the pre amp is the piece that boosts the signal to the point that the regular power amp can use. This is typically where the "sound shaping" is done too.

    The reason that you need a pre is because the signal from you bass is pretty weak. The pre boosts it to a "reasonable" level that the power amp can then boost to a huge level. :bassist:

    Without a pre amp the power amp would have to boost quite a lot and in so doing introduce a lot of unwanted noise. If the pre amp can boost the signal 100x and the power amp boosts 100x then you get a 10,000x boost on your signal. If you just used one stage to do that it would be very difficult and lead to a lot crappier sound.

    There is a lot more to this, obviously, like buffering the current flow but I have had a few and I would probably f-up the technical points if I tried to explain it. In the end... those points aren't really important either. If you want to go to 11... you need a decent pre that can properly source the power amp.

  9. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    A preamp, like the Sansamp, might give you a bit better sound if you plugged your bass into it and the Sansamp into the TKO. I've done that to liven up a small practice amp at home. But your TKO is a low powered amp and if it's running on the edge now or breaking up badly because you're driving it too hard, no preamp will do much. Find out why the TKO isn't cutting it and let us here know.

    There are a lot of medium powered amps that will handle loud rehearsals in a small room for not too much money. The Traynor/Yorkville Sound XM200C is one and new they should sell for around $500 US. I had one that i paid $599 Canadian for a few years ago. Peavey also makes similar combo amps that you can buy new or used at good prices.

    I wouldn't go the preamp, power amp route if all it's going to be used for is rehearsals, unless you find something good used at a decent price.

    But first let us know why you're TKO isn't cutting it..
  10. JeffC


    Mar 8, 2007
    I'm not really sure whats happing whenI play, I usually dont go over half volume but often it sounds like the speaker is flapping around, bad response time maybe. I think 10"s would respond better but don't really have the cash for an upgrade :(
  11. Sounds to me that you may need a new speaker.. not sure if a Kappalite 3015 would work in that cab.. it really is a very good speaker from Eminence.
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