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  1. I'm interested in building a cab with 2 (maybe more) tweeters to use with my Bergie 610 which would not effect the overall impedance. How do I go about doing this, and what tweeters and crossovers do you guys recommend?
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    This should not be terribly difficult; I believe Trace Elliot and Hartke used to offer such a box.

    On the reasonably cheap, I would check out Carvin's offerings (tweeters and crossovers).

    It is the same as if it were in a single, contained unit:

    1. Take a couple of tweeters, a crossover, and a box.
    2. Take an input (say speakon) in to the crossover's input.
    3. Send the highs to the tweeters in the box using some quality wiring
    4. Send the lows to a "low output" (say speakon) on the back of the box using some quality wiring
    5. Take a nice speakon from the "low output" to the NV610.

    Should work.

    I could be wrong, but I don't think box size will make a serious difference in performance; however, the way you set up the front baffle will affect dispersion.

    Maybe someone can add some technical know how...
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    yes indeed, and also check with Parts Express for starters.

    Personally I'd go with an Eminence pre-fab hi-pass 3.5khz crossover, a 50 watt L-Pad (volume control) a wiring schematic, and then pick out one of the many bullet tweeters from that web site. You'll need a 5X7 plastic jack plate thats designed to accomodate which ever type of connector you want. (1/4" or speakon, etc) (I suggest go with 2 speakon connectors) and wire it to the cross-over utilizing the tweeter output only, ignoring the low pass (woofer) connectors, just tape them up so they don't short out. The output of one bullet tweeter averages around 104-106db, should plenty enough to compete with your NV610. The impedance change MAY BE be so low as not to be a consideration but I'd check with the resident TB speaker manufacturers/members to chime in to be sure. You won't be "loading" the low pass output of the crossover, so I'm thinking it won't drop your impedance much since its only drawing everything above 3.5 Khz. Again check with the techies on this.

    I'd also consider building an enclosure that matched the width and depth of the Bergie, and was about 4" high and build a storage compartment behind the tweeter to accomodate cables, etc and what not.

    Of course you might find a tweeter small enough to fit inside a 2 space rack and just retro-fit the rack accordingly.

    I have way too much time on my hands today.
  5. How about a cross firing array of piezo tweeters, as used in Fitzmaurice's DR250?

    They are inexpensive, perform well in the intended passband, and do not cause an impedance change.
  6. Does the cab size effect tweeters the same way it effects woofers?
  7. No.

    The biggest effect on tweeters is the physical layout. Stack them vertically for best results.
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    For that price I wouldn't expect much. At retail a high quality crossover costs that much.
    An audio engineering nightmare designed by someone with absolutely no clue. This should, in fact, serve as a blueprint for how NOT to build a tweeter array; see Bruce's comment above.