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building cabs

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by barroso, Jan 5, 2001.

  1. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    i'm interested in building a speaker cabinet by myself. in my intention this one could have unusual speaker combination. it will be driven by an ampeg svt3 pro. at the moment i'm thinking about a 1 18" and 2 12" or 10". i'll build the chassis by myself with an original design. i'd like to have your inputs about a horn tweeter, a new speaker combination, new feature, brand of speaker, technical help and every strange or common idea you have about your ideal cab.
    thanks in advance
  2. I too am in the design stages of building a cabinet, and need technical help. I can do all the woodwork no problem, but lack knowledge of the technical aspect. (speakers and stuff).

    The link below will take you to the Speaker building webring. I haven't looked at it that close yet, but it seemed like there might be some usable info in there.

  3. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
    The Abyss
    I think a post to call out Joris, or an email to him would be most appropriate in both your cases.
  4. I've got a massive tube combo on the drawing board. Using an old Fender Bassman chassis for 50 tube watts, and the sealed cab will hold 2-15's. Dimensions: 54" tall, 11.5" deep, 28" wide. That's a huge combo, but big wheels on the bottom will make all the difference in the world. I've already drawn up plans, I'll post them here later.

    The wood adds up to $100 or so.

  5. To build this will take:
    10' 1x12
    8' 1x12
    8' 1x10
    3/4" BC grade 4x8 plywood sheet

    Assorted screws, glue, and 1X2 framing for internal board structure.

    Rubber shock mounts for vibration control to tubes.

    Some big wheels for moving it around.

    The speakers are gonna be rear-loaded with seperate sealed chambers for each speaker. I'm gonna make it so no amp knobs, or screw heads stick out beyond the wood, so it can be layed face down in a truck for transport.

    I can't wait to build it. It's basically the cabinet portion of an Ampeg B25B with the head fixed in place.


  6. That's going to look nice, but it's also going to be very heavy. Casters will help, but you're still occasionally have to lift it. I'm 41 with a back that's achin' just thinking about it.

    What I really need help with is things like wiring, crossovers, ohms, power capacity, things of that nature. If you know where I can get info about that, it would be much appreciated!

    I make my own furniture and basses, so the woodworking part of it is a breeze for me.
  7. Yeah that things gonna be a beast. I've got a lot of the info you speak of in my head. If you can think of specific questions, I'll be glad to help. Most of the speaker-building info on the web is HIFI oriented, but it still applies.

  8. I have 2 18" speakers out in the garage...

    I´m going to build 2 1x18" cabs out of it when I have the time and stop being so damn lazy...

    I asked Joris a few questions (ok... MANY question :)) and he was very helpful... :)

    throbin: That thing will be HUGE! how about adding wheels on one side too? ;)

    anyway, I´ve got one question: how is it easist to setup the 1/4" input on the back? and where is it easist to buy things for it?
  9. I use to use a single 18 "sugar-scoop" cabinet that was 2'wide x2'deep x4'tall. With no wheels on it. The best sound in the world, too big for a single person to move, though. I put skateboard trucks on the back. Flip it over and ride it across the parking lot. :D I actually did that a few times.

  10. Just pray ya dont get any gigs up a flight of stairs, and the elevator's broke!
  11. Barroso, Herm,

    Please know this: a cabinet is designed for one specific speaker brand and type. I built quite a few cabinets. My recent ones are on my "Home built stuff" page (below in my signature). I did a lot of research (as much as a hobby allows you to, that is) on speakers, cabinets, and designing them -- took me years and about 20 pairs of cabs. So you see, I can't just tell you how to design a cab or a crossover. It complicated stuff. But I sure as hell can help!

    The problem is, I'm Dutch, and over here, we have completely different brands and materials. American stuff is quite expensive too, because of the Euro being worth a damn, so I'm not into US brands. So, ideally, you should look for speakers in your price range yourselves, get ALL the specs you can get on them, and post them. And I'll try to calculate a cabinet for you. Most speakers are unsuited for bass guitar, and I'll tell you so too if that's the case.

    Putting an 18 and two 12s in one cab isn't very back-friendly, the cab would have to be huge. 15s and 10s are the ideal combination. 15s give you good low bass in a compact cab and 10s are crispy clear, unlike a lot of 12s. The best way to go would be two cabs, a 1x15 (or 1x18) and a 2x10. You would have to put the 15 and the 2 10s in separate compartments of the cab anyway.

    Horn tweeters are expensive. At least if you want them to survive your playing. A good horn costs as much as a 10". A reasonable one half of that. Look for a short horn, this gives you a wide dispersion angle.

    Hey TheBass,

    Still standing with yer hands in yer pockets looking at those speakers gathering dust? :D:D:D just kidding.

  12. Hey Joris,

    Thanx for your reply. After some hard thought on this, I think I'm going to build a single 15" cabinet. I've got a 2x10 bullfrog cabinet that I can pair it up with. That would be sufficient for my needs. I'm only going to pump 200 watts into it. If you've got a good design for a cabinet like that, it would be appreciated. I can build a box, but I'm sure size, and port placement and stuff is a consideration that I'm unsure of.
  13. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    thanks a lot joris! i visited your homepage and i saw interested things, no doubt!
    i'm from italy so i'm not inot usa made speakers too, what european brands do you suggest? and where do you buy speakers? if you don't mind i'll go on with other questions in the next future...
    thanks again
  14. A large part of what your paying for when you buy a "X" brand cab is the R&D they put into it. Like Joris said each enclosure is different with each speaker. You could spend a fortune and/or lifetime trying to get it right, defeating the whole purpose. Here is the most reasonable solution I've come up with:
    -Find a friend with a cab. you like/want.
    -Take it apart & build you own to the EXACT SAME dims.
    -Find an dealer a buy the EXACT SAME replacement speakers/ x-over/ horn ect. (like under the guise you blew yours)

    The parts might cost more, but it will be right and you will still save over buying new.

  15. VicDamone


    Jun 25, 2000
    I don't know squat about driver/enclosure proportion. Why not cheet? Pick out your favorite manufacture such a Bag End or Eden, buy there drivers and crossovers and duplicate the internal cabinet volume and port size with your own design. You should be able to get the resonant frequency fairly close.

    I would suggest a tip from the Hi-Fi world and design front baffel as small as possible, so the drivers are almost to the edge of the top and sides of the cabinet. Maintain the enclosures volume by making it deeper. This has proven to reduce dispersion defraction and creat a wider sound field. This is more noticable with higher frequencies, yet their doing it with the bass drivers too. Check out Gallo and B&W's 801 series loudspeakers.

    Remember those goggles and push sticks.
  16. Barroso,

    Lately, I'm using RCF, which is, coincidentally, Italian. I have ready-made cabinet designs for those speakers (my company designs), including a 1x18, 1x15, a 1x12, 2x12, 2x10 and 4x10. Unfortunately, RCF isn't cheap. They're very high quality though. For a 10" I pay 80 Euro and a 15" is 200 Euro. Should be cheaper in Italy.

    For Americans, I recommend JBL. That's the only brand I know that has speakers I would buy.
  17. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    ok joris, i'll contact rcf, i have seen that the website is under construction and that they are a part of mackie. i've just mailed.. is it possible to have, eventually paying, the drawings or the instruction how to make a speaker cabinet using your project? if you are interested we could speak about that and other things tou could find interesting such as try to introduce your pojects here in italy. let me know.

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