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    Apr 7, 2010
    I have been wiring reading hacking opening closing stealing creating soldering and unsoldering every piece of electronics I could find ever since I one day wanted to change a pot in my bass, remembered I was good at math, and opened a dangerous new door for myself. About 50 kits, clones, and creations later, I would like to try my hand at making some useful tools for musicians around me.

    So I would like to build some pedals for my close friends, and for you, talkbass. I will start by clarifying: at this moment I am NOT in business and am not taking orders or requests. When I do, I am (at least for awhile) not interested in profit beyond parts and shipping recoupment; in order to learn.and contribute.

    My current focus is utility: eq and ''Shaping'' devices, loopers and blenders. My personal goal/offering is 'bells and whistles'. Want two fx loops, series/reversed/paralel? Two channel parametric eq? I hope in this thread to expand my creativity and ability thr ough your suggestions
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    That's great, man! I'm going to NAMM this weekend, maybe I'll get some ideas!