Building Your Own Pedal Board

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    I've purchased a few pedals over the years I've been playing, but I never had them organized on a board before. I've gotten somewhat frustrated with what's being offered with commercial pedal boards, so I'm currently building my own.

    It's been difficult trying to find out about all the aspects of building including power supply, type (or name brand) of cables, type and thickness of wood, speaker carpet suppliers, flight case metal pieces, wheels, handles, corner pieces, etc...

    In order to make this easier, I'd like to post what I've found out and have you folks add to the knowledge and supplier contacts. Here's what I know:
    Wood: I'm using 5/8" sanded plywood, 1/2" would probably work too
    Power Supplies:

    Please add to this information. If you are a moderator, please consider stickying this to the top so it will be readily available for all to build their own boards.
  2. seakamp


    Jun 30, 2005
    I've picked up a couple of larger pedals and am looking to make a larger pedal board myself. I don't want to run the risk of using a soft case because I have quite a bit invested into my pedals. Currently I am using a Furman SPB-8. It’s a great board but I need to go larger. My biggest problem is being able to find an affordable hard 'shell'.

    I was considering using a smaller hard keyboard case and making an angled board that I could remove from the keyboard case. I'd do this so I could route wires and have it clean... trying to get it similar to the look of AlembicPlayer's modified Pedal Pad(as seen in THIS thread). Ideally I’d like to have a case where I would just be able to remove the top and not have to lift anything out but that doesn’t seem possible with my limited woodworking skills. I don’t think I’d be able to purchase a cheaper pedal board like this either because ones that I’ve run across are too small (height wise) for the size board I want to make.

    There are 2 paths I see taking when making a 'cleaner' looking pedal board:

    1. Slanted board - easy for routing wire and keeping completely clean.

    2. Tiered Board - Easier to make but would most likely be a bit messier.

    I’m open to all suggestions but if anyone has some links to some great hard cases for either keyboards or pedal boards… please post them!

    Here are a few that I’ve been looking at:

    I guess this whole list might be more helpful but I can’t find anything with a great interior height…
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    That's what I'm doing. I'm making a slanted board like what AlembicPlayer has done (it's been quite an inspiration), but I decided to not add a top to box it in. It was getting crazy trying to locate the proper hinges, metal latches, wheels, etc... I am making a pedal board that will fit in a standard large piece of luggage with wheels and an extendible handle. I don't need it to be Flight Case ready. We'll see how it works out as I continue to build it.

    A standard large luggage bag with the wheels and handle will accomodate about a 9" depth.
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    Bump. I'm surprised that there isn't as much interest in this topic as I thought there would be. Hmm.
  5. Parts Express has a great selection of carpet, handles, rubber feet, corners, hinges, wheels, retractable handles etc.
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    Aug 15, 2004
    Pacific Northwet, USA

    they also have the NEUTRIK 1/4" LOCKING CHASSIS JACK that I used on the modified PedalPad.

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    Nashvillebill. You are the MAN!
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    I just ordered a number of items from parts express. Thanks for thei info!
  9. Hey Bob. When I made my pedal board, I did two things: 1. I kept it cheap. and 2. I kept it cheap.

    yes, I know they're the same things, but they are important to me because I was able to spend my money on more important things like the pedals themselves, and I didn't mind it getting a little thrashed in my truck or on stage. With the band I was got thrashed, and I think if I'd spent $100+ on a nice board, I would have been more worried about it.

    I used a Visual Sound 1 spot adaptor, powering up to 9 pedals with no problems. I used a shelf (3/4" laminated MDF) from one of those Wal-Mart pre-fab cabinet units. The board was 14" x 27". From the remainder of the shelf, I made a 6" x 14" upper tier that I glued/screwed to the board. I used Wal-Mart industrial velcro (2" x 6'-0") and used the 'loop' side to completely cover one side of the board. The 'hook' side went on my pedals.

    Here's the best part: I went to the Salvation Army and found a 50 year old Samsonite Hardside suitcase (smaller sized) to hold the board. The thing is indestructible. The latches were built to last, and the case/handle is designed to (a) hold much more weight than a bunch of pedals, and (b) be tossed around airports and cargo holds its entire life. The bonus is that it was Avocado green, had baby blue toile patterned fabric (padded and smelled like an old woman), and cost me a whopping $2.

    Total for my parts to make my full-on custom pedalboard = $11 - velcro cost the most.
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    Hey Mo! Sorry couldn't resist.

    That's a great idea. Fortunately for me, I do feel more comfortable spending a little extra for my board that I'm making. In total, I'll probably spend about $100 before the power supplyAC/DC converter. I did spend a lot for that with the Voodoo Labs Power Pedal 2.

    When I'm done, I'll post some pictures. It will have a couple of options that you can't get on a ready made board. I'm hoping to have it done within two weeks.