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  1. well, its in its first incarnation, and i've managed to do it without modifying the instrument at all, no extra holes nothing, under the bridge there was a small cavity which i made a small plate to fill it in which i drilled at tapped the holes so the four holes from where the strings used to go through are which i put 4 bolts through to hold it...i used 5mm thick stainless steel for all the plating, FAG bearings, and other stainless steel...i've removed it again, i need to modify it some more, im only getting a semitone pitch bend, im going to make the shaft more like a cam to get more extreme pitch shifting, need to change the handle too...but it works!!

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    Dude, I hope you get it working better, but even if it doesn't, I think you win this year's Ingenuity Prize. That's actually pretty clever and shows a lot of creativity.
  3. its very bigsby inspired...i just wanted to make a trem that i could install without having to modify the instrument at all..all i did was swap the original ibby bridge off it and i had one from an old samick lying around which i milled out to allow the strings to pass right through...

    really it just shows how much spare time and how bored i get at work lol
  4. Really cool looking project...it would be INSANE if bigsby started making bass tremolos like they did John Entwistle back in the day.
  5. nrssab


    Jun 28, 2006
    That is great work! Very creative, post some more pics when you finished it, and perhaps some soundclips if you get the time.
  6. that's INSANE!

    I see the bigsby influence in a Tim Allen's "tool time" sorta way...

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