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Bullfrog Cabs

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by LizardKing45, May 2, 2001.

  1. Hey, whats the skinny on bullfrog cabs? I have just recently heard of them, and they seem very cheap, i saw a 15" for sale for $99. I first saw them at basscentral. has anyone heard them or had any experience? I am intrigued.. Thanx :D
  2. winston

    winston Supporting Member

    May 2, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    The Bullfrog or BFI cabinets were pretty popular in the '80's-the ones at my local store were covered in gray carpet and had EV speakers. The two cool rigs the store had were a Gallien-Krueger 400RB with two BFI 1-15's and an 800RB with a 1-18/2x10 cabinet (which was pretty much the state-of-the-art setup in 1985). In recent years Bullfrog made the Alumabass aluminum-cone speakers but they never seemed to catch on like Hartke did.
  3. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Dang shame too. They had some cool design features -
    one-piece voice coil, seamless curvilinear cone,
    a 2x15" that can take 600 WRMS...a 4x10" that
    can handle 800 WRMS :oops: - both spec'd down to 30Hz :D .

  4. Notduane, are those the same ones that basscentral has? http://www.basscentral.com/amps/bullfrog.jpg
    These look like they have different speakers, like copper colored.

    So it seems that you like them, so they are a sound investment for 100 apiece.
  5. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    I think so. Ain't 100% sure. Granted, the pics at the
    MTS site are B&W. The 2x10 in the basscentral pic
    and the one in the MTS pic look similar. Maybe you
    could email basscentral and ask `em the model #'s -
    "C" series or "S" series?...bc@basscentral.com .
    I think that's a good deal IF the cabs are in good shape.
    I saw one for sale at starvingmusician.com that was
    stoopid cheap. I emailed `em and they said it DID work,
    but the cabinet was all beat to hell.
  6. Through further reading at the link you gave me not, I discovered that they are the same speakers as the bass central ones, and they do have the gold colored cones.. here:

    "The attractive anodized gold finish of the cone is created through a four-step, electrolytic procedure which increases the structural integrity of the cone. Since the coil is part of the cone, it is not necessary to puncture the cone with lead wires, further protecting the integrity of the speaker. While the construction of AlumaPro loudspeakers is truly revolutionary, even more amazing is their actual performance. Not only do they provide more than double the power of the competition, they also feature a dramatic increase in low-end response due to the use of a two-inch voice coil, free of the upper-end tinny sound associated with some other aluminum woofers."

    Thats directly from the site u gave me. I am really considering buying the 1x15 cab, i think its the cheaper model, rated to 35hz, not 30, i almost have enough cash to get it too. The only problem is that the single cab weighs 70lbs!
  7. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    :cool: Cool! I liked that note on the MTS site about
    because of the cone design, etc., the whole thing
    is real good at dissipatin' heat. It helps retain the
    sound consistency in high-power, long term situations.

    Only 70 pounds? :eek: . Sorry, you're talkin' to an
    old tube-head here :D . I got a 2x10 that weighs
    60 lbs., and my B-15R is around 120 lbs. I can't even
    guess what the Mesa Buster head weighs. Let's just
    say it's aptly named :p .

    Let us all know what ya' think when ya' get that Bullfrog cab! :)
  8. I contacted used gear by mail, where i was looking at the cabs, and they had already been sold. Oh well. :( Back to the proverbial drawing board.
  9. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    CRAP ! [​IMG]
  10. Mr Bassman

    Mr Bassman

    Aug 28, 2000
  11. I have a BFI cabinet that I have used since I bought it new in the mid 80's. It has an 18 inch speaker. It has a nice, rich tone. It's kind of heavy. Carrying it myself is a pain, but it is pretty easy with help. It fits OK in the back of my Mitsubishi hatchback with the back seat down. I switch between the BFI and a 1-15 Bag End that I bought about the same time. The BFI fits better on small stages.

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