SOLD Bunch-o-straps - GruvGear, Levy's, Fender, etc.

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    Apr 4, 2011
    Lubbock, TX
    Clearing out some nice straps I don't use...
    - Levy's MSS1 3"- $45
    Levy1.JPG Levy2.JPG

    - GruvGear Leather Solo Strap (the $99 version, not the $49 neo version) - $40
    It has a crease from folding (pic 3) or I'd charge $10 more.
    Gruv1.JPG Gruv2.JPG Gruv3.JPG Gruv4.JPG Gruv5.JPG Gruv6.JPG

    - Fender Vintage style (never used) - $15
    Fender1.JPG Fender2.JPG Fender3.JPG

    - Planet Waves 3" - $12
    Planet1.JPG Planet2.JPG

    - Rock Steady suede w/ leather piping 2.75" - $12
    Rock1.JPG Rock2.JPG

    - 2 nylon straps Ernie Ball & generic - $8

    All prices shipped ConUS via USPS First Class. PayPal preferred
    $100 gets the lot
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