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  1. Pete


    Jan 3, 2004
    Seattle, WA
    PA Stuff for sale:
    Mackie CR1604VLZ: in good shape. 16XLR’s, 8 direct outs, 3 band semi-parametric EQ, 6 aux sends, 4 stereo aux returns, 4 buss mixer. 60mm faders, L&R out as well as mono. Inserts on all channels and main outs. Come with a rotopod, rack ears, and gig bag. Pics available on request. Needs love, asking $400obo.

    Electro-Voice Force I Subs (2): 350w/1400w peak, single 18 front loaded subwoofer. Comes with castors and carry handle as well. Has ¼ inputs, very compact and loud sub. Pics available on request. In great shape, asking $450obo

    Carver PT2400 power amp: 800w/1200w/1500w per channel @ 8/4/2 ohms respectively. Magnetic field amplifier power delivers large amounts of current on demand. Dual Mono design with two separate power supplies internally. 3 rack spaces, 60lbs. Pics available on request. Asking $850obo

    Three Floor Monitors: Home made and not pretty. Great for a start up band. Two have a 12” woofer and Piezo horn and handle 200w RMS, 400w peak. The other is 15” + piezo horn and handles 300w RMS, 600w peak. Pics available on request. Asking $125obo for all three

    Mackie M1200 Amplifier: 225w/400w/600w into 8/4/2 ohms respectively. Torroidal power supply is light weight and provides ample current to each channel. Has a crossover built in as well as a CD horn control and variable high pass filters for each channel. Pics available on request. In great shape asking $300obo

    Kustom V power amp: 60w/100w per channel @ 8/4 ohms respectively. Mosfet power design means light weight power. 2 rack spaces and 25lbs. It has ¼ inputs and outputs. This model is from the mid 70’s and built in Chanute KS by a friend of mine that worked there. Pics available on request. Asking $75obo.

    ART 341 dual 15 Band EQ: 1 rack space, 2 channels of 2/3 octave EQ. XLR, Balanced ¼ TRS, and RCA inputs and outputs. Has been gigged with but functions 100%. Pics available on request. Asking $60obo

    Behringer GEQ3102 (three avail.): Dual 31 band EQ, XLR, TRS inputs and outputs. These have been racked in a shock mount case since I bought them new last year. Variable HPF and LPF and input gain. Asking $100ea

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