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"Burned on Ebay" alert!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by gottawalk, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. I just got burned on Ebay. Bought a music writing program for $20 plus shipping; sent a postal money order. Found out that the person moved and had a different address than the ebay listing. Had only a few emails from the guy about working out the check showing up, and then got an email in from Ebay that they have pulled his trading privilages, etc and to suspend any payment or try to get any payments to this person back. I'm going to fill out a recall for the postal money order, but considering the time elapsed, and how long it will take to mail the form in, I'll probably be burned.

    Watch for any transactions from someone with the email of r_ruptech@yahoo.com . His info on my invoice from Ebay was Seller Information:

    Rick Ropert
    7639 Westwood
    Los Angeles, CA 90078
    United States

    Right after I sent the payment I got an email from him saying to sent the payment to this address:

    P.O Box 84233
    Baton Rouge La.70884-4233

    "Rupert" is a rip-off and shouldn't be delt with, (unless it's with a whip or baseball bat.) I wish I had more info on the guy, but this is all I have.

    He is the only one that I can truthfully say that I hope he lost his sox in the Hurricane! :spit:

    Sorry to be so cruel, but I'm pissed! I just wanted to send notice to y'all to be wary, just in case he trys another format to rip people off.