Burning .mp3's to .cda's as CD audio

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  1. Ok, my bruthas an sistas...

    I have .mp3 files that I would like to burn onto a CD R disc, (as a .cda as I understand) so the disc can be played in any standard audio CD player. ;)

    Does anyone know where I can get a free converter for saving .mp3 to .cda? :confused:

    Thanks for reading.

    (I'm not the first person to try/do this, someone please take a sec to help.):D
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  3. JMX

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    Just about any cd burn program can do that:

    E.g. Nero www.ahead.de

    Use the wizard to create a Audio CD layout, drag and drop the mp3s in there and burn away.
  4. James Hart

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    Nero does all!!!
  5. Thx for the replies!!

    Got a program that looks promising (easy and fast).

    See ya,