Busted Hipshot on Tony Franklin Sig

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  1. The arm on my Hipshot fell off and when I attempted to put it back on, it appears to be stripped. I considered just buying a regular 70's Fender tuning key just to make it playable again but as seen in the picture, it does not appear to be the same size screws or location as the other three tuners are so I would assume that rules out throwing a regular tuning key on.
    Does anyone know what model of hipshot I can get as a replacement? Tuning Keys aren't covered under the Fender Warranty so that option is also ruled out
    The only way this bass is playable is if its in C and trust me...that gets a little boring after awhile!

    Included pictures of the Hipshot and of the bass itself for anybody interested.
    Thanks for any help you can provide!
    Sorry for the quality
  2. That's not a big deal. Go tothe website for hipshot (hipshotproducts.com). Find their email address and email Dave. Tell him what the problem is and he can help you oput for sure. He is quite a busy fellow, so give him a day or two to return your email, or simply give him a call. Believe it or not, he has usually been the one to actually answer the phone in my dealings with him.
    The Tony Franklin Sig P is quite too good to give up simply because of a bad key.
  3. Seriously... if Atomic Al wants to ship her out to me because of a boken Hipshot, I'll keep watch at the door. :smug: That very well might be the last of my Fender GAS basses, along with the new '70s Jazz Bass.

    But I keed, I keed. Absolutely contact Hipshot - fretlessguy is correct that they'll most likely take care of this, and you might want to contact Fender's Customer Service as well - depending on how long you've had your TF it might have been installed in the factory incorrectly and seeing the MSRP on the bass, they'd could easily want to hook up a higher-end owner. I'm not seeing how it would strip itself unless you were using the lever after every note.