Busy... and it feels good!

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  1. I've been busy playing lately, and it feels good! Played back in late April with my band. Then on Memorial Day Weekend, played again with my band on Friday night at the local watering hole, and on Saturday, my previous band that I had been in for thirteen years reunited for a one off on the Main Stage for the city's celebration. Then on last Thursday, I got a call from a drummer I know who asked if I could fill in on Saturday night. He sent me a set list and we got together for a couple of hours on Friday and went through any I was unfamiliar with. The gig on Saturday went fabulous. I took some basses I dont normally use and had a great crowd. Now I have a gig with the regular band again this week at a new place for us that always has a good crowd. Then another show in a couple of weeks. This is the most I've played together in quite a bit.

    It's fun to be busy!

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    Nice. It's good to have the plate just full enough! Good for you.
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