..BUT - It's a great opportunity . .

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  1. HEY - We've all had those offers from club owners / promoters / producers that ask we take low pay with the chance to make BIG BUCKS in the long haul. After 25+ years of pro gigging I still hear it time and again - and when I'm stupid enough to take one they NEVER pan-out financially.

    QUESTION - Have any of you fellow bassists had one of these actually pay off? There's got to be a success story or two out there -


    Pat Smith
  2. wulf


    Apr 11, 2002
    Oxford, UK
    Just follow the money...

    If an opportunity came up that was low paid I might consider it if everyone involved was contributing their time and services pretty much for free. However, if the promoter is raking in 90% of the door fee and the bar is making a killing on drinks, it's not worth it. So, doing a show for free for a charity event is okay (as long as I'm sure that the money the audience put in is not being misdirected) but working like a dog for future opportunities while others are taking the cream off the top is just not worth it.