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Buying 1st bass - Ibanez SRX 360/TMB 30/TMB 100

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by countryman, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. countryman


    Jun 12, 2019
    I've played classical Double Bass for years and occasionally get the chance to play some bass guitar lines with the school jazz band where I work. Thinking it might be fun to have a basic bass at home to practise on for this and, hopefully, be encouraged to play a bit more. I don't have much budget, just looking for something that will be solidly playable for now. I've never played electric instruments so all the talk of different pickups etc is all new to me - although I've tried to do some reading!
    Spotted a 2nd hand Ibanez SRX 360 on Ebay for less than £60 but couldn't find much about the guitar online - although people seemed to think the brand are respectable. Also seen the TMB30 and TMB100 new for about £150 but unsure if that is good value or not? I'd hoped to find something for under £100 and don't mind 2nd hand figuring you'd get a better guitar for the money than a £150 brand new but wondered what people thought? Same shop also has things like Stagg BC300 Fusion/P300-BK, Squier Bronco Short Scale in similar price bracket...
    Any thoughts on any of these would be greatly appreciated as it's all new to me!
  2. garp


    Feb 7, 2009
    Connecticut USA

    I think you'll find any of those Ibanez or Squier models to be a great first bass guitar, and you'll find lots of folks here who sing both brands' praises. Bear in mind that there's no need to buy a brand-new instrument if you've got a decent local market for preowned stuff. Plus, coming from the DB world, you'll now need to concern yourself with amplification unless the school jazz band has something you can borrow. So 2nd hand may be the way to go for now.
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  3. Basses from Ibanez, Yamaha, Squier, Washburn & ESP are all fine instruments available at relatively low resale prices.

    Personally, I've owned an Ibanez SR885 since 1992, of which I'd always received compliments from recordings and live performances. I've never played a SRX model before, but they receive a decent amount of praise around TalkBass. I think the one you have in mind should work great for you.
  4. Dan_reeves


    Jun 14, 2013
    I have owned a TMB100, and currently own a SRX. Here is what I would say about each:

    SRX: Active preamp (will need a 9v battery for it to make sound), sound is more on the aggressive side, nice neck. Not quite an SR feel, but has more of an SR look so maybe a bit more modern looking and sounding, tends to be lighter - probably lighter than the two below, standard 34" scale
    TMB100: Active preamp (will need a 9v battery for it to make sound), has more of a vintage (see Precision Bass) feel, with a slight twist, more traditional pickup set can be swapped out for after market sets if you desire, more vintage sound, but the preamp can enhance or change it too, standard 34" scale
    TMB30: Passive electronics (do not need additional battery power to use), same vintagey look, feel and sound of the 100 above, but it is a 30" scale which is considered short scale - so compared to the 100, it might be harder to find strings and a case that fits locally - but if you shop online not a big deal.

    In just my opinion, if Double Bass is the bass sound you prefer and hear in your head, then the TMB30 is probably going to be the easiest bass to replicate that sound. You can do it with the others, but the 30 is most likely going to be a bit easier. With that being said, I find the SRX much more comfortable and relatively easier to play. Your mileage will vary, this is all just my opinion. Good luck and I hope you get something you enjoy!

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