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Buying head/amp - Phil Jones or EBS?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Thurisarz, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Thurisarz


    Aug 20, 2004
    I'm looking for a new head/amp. My current "rig" is a Phil Jones 4B cab. I had a Markbass LM250 head, but it died over a year ago (to expensive to fix, long story). I play in three bands at the moment and i borrow different Ampeg combos and head and cabs at practice/gigs. Since Ampeg is not my kind of sound it would be cool to just bring something lightweight and use the DI function, i don't like the feeling to Always borrow someone else's rig.

    After Alot of trying i have narrowed it down to these three choices:

    - Phil Jones Bass Buddy + power amp
    - Phil Jones Bass Cub
    - EBS Reidmar

    Bass Buddy:
    Pros: Excellent practice amp, either with the 4B and use the built in 10W power amp, or use headphones and the aux for silent practice. Sounds great with my baritone guitar also!
    Cons: It's kinda expensive and "bulky" carrying separate preamp and power amp. The built in compressor is not the best.

    Phil Jones Bass Cub:
    Pros: Could be great at home/band practice and small acoustic gigs since you can use the DI and have the amp as a monitor. Aux and Headphone jacks are great since i practice alot without cabs.
    Cons: Haven't tried it. It doesn't have a speaker out jack so i can't use my 4B cab with it. 3-band EQ instead of the Bass Buddys 5-band.

    EBS Reidmar:
    Pros: Sounds ok with my cab, fits in the gigbag and has plenty of power for bandpractice and gigs.
    Cons: I'm not 100% sold on the EBS tone, it colors my tone and i really like the clean tone that the PJB stuff has. To bassy for my baritone.

    All three could work for me in different ways, but i can only afford one of these choices. Please help me TB, how should i think? What would you buy of these three choices if you were in my shoes?
  2. As a PJB user I would go with the Bass Buddy. i love the PJB tone and that seems like the best choice for your purposes. I use a BG800 with a PB300, as we do lots of outdoor gigs that require lots of volume. I think the Bass Buddy would also allow you to run a PB300 if you need more volume and power down the road.
  3. Thurisarz


    Aug 20, 2004
    Thank you for your thoughts countrybass007! I'm thinking of having two rigs, one small and one mediumsized. Either the Bass Buddy and the 4B or the Bass cub as the small/practicerig and the EBS and 4B as the mediumsized, how does that sound?

    I mainly play electric bass, the baritone guitar and the few times i play double bass i only need a small amp.

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