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Buzz on Fender Acoustic

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by PaulMacCnj, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. I have a Fender GB-41 SCE acoustic/electric bass guitar. The factory strings were sounding a bit dull and wanted to replace them. For whatever reason, Fender has stopped selling the long scale (34") phosphor bronze strings, even though they still sell long scale acoustic bass guitars. So, I found a set of D'Addarios and now I cannot get the bass to sound right. No matter how I set the truss rod, there is always some sort of buzz or tapping sound. I'd rather not mess with the bridge and I'm thinking this is simply because the tension of the D'Addarios are much higher than those of the Fenders. I'd rather just try a different set of strings with simular tension to the Fenders. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Paul Mac
  2. The new set (D'Addarrio's) have greater tension, the neck had a profound bow it it once all strings were in tune. Tightening the truss rod to the point where the neck was flat didn't solve the buzz problem and it created a tapping sound. I posted the message here because it appears that I cannot properly setup the guitar without some involved work. It seems to make more sense to use lower tension strings.

    Paul Mac
  3. Joshua,

    Thanks for the advice. Yes, I could shim the saddle, but that's going to raise the already high action. That's why I'm leaning towards replacing the strings with a lower tension brand.

    Paul Mac
  4. Hi Joshua,

    I changed the strings to a Dean Markley set. What a differenence! First, these strings feel so much better. The D'Addarios were like running your fingers on coarse sandpaper. The DM's are smoother and you don't get anywhere near as much of the screechy sound when moving along the fretboard. Next, the DM's have a mellower sound, which I prefer on a bass. Last, and most importantly, I was able to adjust the truss rod and eliminate all buzzing and that "tapping" sound I was getting as I fretted the strings.

    Good stuff! I'm happy with the Fender again. :cool:

    Paul Mac