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buzzing noise

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by ga_edwards, Dec 19, 2000.

  1. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    OK, stupid question time.

    I have what you might term a highish end budget 5 string, a Vintage V950B (active). I play this through a Trace BLX80.

    The bubinga body and split P pickup combination is great, but as soon as I pan in the J p/u, I get a horrid electrical type buzzing noise (sounds a bit like pink noise i suppose). This gets even worse if I boost the treble, and deepending on which way I'm facing in realation to the amp

    I can get around this by cutting certain frequencies, but I end up with a dull thud instead of a nice bright twang. The Zooms ZNR help a but, but not enough.

    I thought it might just be a trait of active single coils, but when I spoke to the JHS guys at the british Music2000 show, they assured me that it wasn't right, and advised me to get it checked out be the shop I purchases it from.

    The shop found a problem with the jack socket, and checked out the earth connections, but alas it still does it.

    I also get the same thing if I plug it into my PC, and using differnt mains outlets, so its not the amp.

    Just for the record, I have used a brand new panasonic battery, the control cavity is screened, and I believe the pickup cavities are too. The amp has a ground lift switch, but this makes no difference.

    I could try more screening with paint and foil, and as a last resort change the pickups, but I'm not sure about doing this with active electronics, passive ones are easy.

    I'm not to fussed about it, as I'm probably getting a new Thumb bass in the new year and amp, to boot. But it would be handy to keep as a spare, and it spoils an otherwise decent sounding cheap bass.

    Cheers chaps
  2. Sampoerna

    Sampoerna Guest

    Oct 9, 2000
    W. KY, USA
    Perhaps your pickups are reacting to an outside interference, like fluorescent lights or other electical devices (like your computer monitor)?

    I'm not familiar with this bass, but would it be out-of-order to suggest a pickup cover? Unless, of course, covers would interfere with your playing style/position. Could there be anything (like steel wool fragments) adhering to your pickups?

    Just some brain farts,

  3. Your cable may be contributing to the issue. I had a buzzing, I got new (armoured [by samson]) cable, and it fixed that up quick.

    Try setting your bass's equilizer more for lows, and your amp's for highs.

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