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Buzzing Problems

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by mkress77, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. mkress77


    Feb 27, 2005
    I have had quite a bit of problems with my fretless bass buzzing. I followed to setup page and even took it to have it "professionally" setup. I think this guy was a joke but he brought up a good point. He say that the angle of my neck might be tilted back. He tried to suck in the bottom screws of the neck and readjusted it, that worked for about 2 days maybe. I've heard of people using shims under the bottom two screws in the neck plate, but do you think that putting a shim under the top two screws would work.

    I only have buzzing on the E string and it's basically when I slide. I've already tried raising the bridge and putting more relief in the neck and that didn't help.

    Also, has anyone tried communicating with Fender. The E string on my bridge keeps falling, the bass is only about 5 months old. Do you think that Fender would replace the bridge for free?

    Thanks in advance for your help, and
    Thanks for listening.
  2. mkress77


    Feb 27, 2005
    Thanks for the help thus far. I apologize for the lack of detail as that I was kind of intoxicated when I posted.

    You are correct in assuming that is a MIM Fender Fretless Jazz. I did buy it new from Sam Ash around February, and there is not a shim in it. I didn't notice the buzzing in the store but probably a week or so later. It is primarily on the E string. I don't notice it on any of the others. I did follow the setup sticky pretty closely and that didn't help, that is the reason I took it in to get it setup. I put just a hair of relief in the neck as the page said. Then, I adjusted the saddles. All the saddles are pretty low except for the E string saddle. The only reason it is higher is because it buzzes.

    The problem with the saddle falling is a whole nother problem. You are correct by thinking that it is slipping. I guess it is from the tension from the flatwounds that came on it. I would rather not put nail polish on it (I also thought about using the weak locktight or maybe a couple of wraps of teflon tape), I would feel that I would just be rigging something up. I'd rather have a bridge that functions properly to begin with. I'm thinking of getting a Badass or a Gotoh.

    As for the bass playing well, I think it plays beautifully. The only thing is that the buzzing gets annoying. When I play through an amp you cannot hear the buzzing that much unless I have the tone knob open, and use the bridge PU, and have the treble turned up.

    I have had other aesthetic problems with the bass. One of the screws on the pickguard was missing when I bought it. I guess it fell out because the hole was over drilled. When I went to fix it (I drilled the whole out and put a dowle rod in), I found that the pot on the jack plate weren't soldiered, so I had to do that also. It worries me how a big company's quality control is so bad. I still don't think I'll ever get rid of the bass though. I love the thing to death and I put a lot of work in it.

  3. mkress77


    Feb 27, 2005
    Thanks for all the help.

    I will check out your suggestions and get back with you.

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