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Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by danqi, May 23, 2001.

  1. danqi


    May 21, 2001
    i just got my new (and first) bass (yamaha bbg4sII) and i am very pleased with it. the only problem is that there is quite some buzzing caused by the strings hitting the frets. i am pretty sure that it is not caused by my technique. how can i figure out if the problem occurs beacause the bass is not quite right or because the action is just too low? is there some reference point that tells me what a low action or a high action is?

  2. Welcome to TB if it hasn't been said already. Umm have u had the guitar set-up? Umm has it got active electronics? check the battery, try a lighter touch etc.

    I'll let the pros handle this one.

  3. yep, i agree , don't get the tools out quite yet, while us TBer's are a useful source of knowlegde, without enough experience or supervision from a someone who's done it, it could be a disaster

    get it set up by a local tech, or if u bought it from a shop take it back and get them to look at it, depending on how long you've had it , they shouldn't charge u

    i'm not from america, thats assuming your from the US, (fill your profile in!!!!)

    but i think it'll cost around $30(someone help me out here!)

    it'll be the best money you've spent, it'll give u a good base to start from and the confidence to try it at a later date

    if u do get it setup, make sure u tell the tech how 'you' want it, your playing style(light/heavy touch, high/low, etc)
  4. danqi


    May 21, 2001
    ok, i am gonna take it back to the store where i bought it.
    but could you tell me at which amount of space between the fretboard and the strings a good bass should stop buzzing. i have no idea and i want to avoid being fooled by the shop: they could simply adjust the bass in such a way that the strings are way off the fretboard and there is no more buzzing, but i would try to play a bass with a much too high action (i hope i use that term right) without knowing it. that way they could avoid a complaint and would try to play a f***ed up instrument.

  5. yeah, it's good to have an idea of want u want before u go in, but in all honesty, if the music store you bought it from even tries to rip u off, which they won't, get the hell out of there, if theres a big problem with the bass, then get them told,

    play the bass before you leave the store!

    it won't cost anymore for them to adjust it, there and then, as long as they have time

    a good tip is, if they ask u if you want to come back later while they readjust it say no!, they'll put it aside or get distracted, if u hang around then u'll have no worries about what there doing, also u get to play all there basses

    thats the sort of thing i'll do, u get what 'you' pay for and u get to play lots of equipment,

    i ahve a very good bass only shop, they give u tea and coffee, and break open any of their basses u want

    don't be afraid about talking to them, or getting termas wrong,, we're all good guys who want to help, if they do come across as rude give it time,, if u really don't like the service your getting from a particular store, find somewhere else,,

    with respects to string height, whst ever feels good to you, to heigh and u'll ahve problems fretting, too low and you'll have to fret very lightly, or more likely, it'll buzz like hell,

    again too low and u'll get lazy with your playing,

    it's up to you, really no one can tell u how high it should be

    but like i say, they won't try and rip u,, if they do smack em with your bass(kiddin)
  6. bassics


    Nov 27, 2000
    Newark, Ohio
    Any music store worth it's bass strings will do their best to make sure their customer is completely satisfied with their purchase, after all, a satisfied customer is a repeat customer, and we bassists are NEVER finished with our rigs.

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