Buzzkill. A grounding project with before/after waveform image

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    Hi Folks,
    This thread most likely won't educate you, but may convince you to spend an hour or two and shield your bass.
    Here's my story:

    A few months ago I moved my bass from Hawaii back to the Mainland and noticed a slight buzz when not touching the strings. Nothing major, just a little annoyance.
    I finally got enough time to deal with it and dove in.
    After inspection it seemed the wiring was intact.

    I decided (for unknown reason) to replace the grounding wire to the bridge. That actually made it worse.

    After researching TB I learned about Shielding.

    I shielded both pickup cavities (DiMarzio PJ), the pickguard and the electronics bay.

    In the picture below you can see:
    Original - The noise levels (buzz) drop when touching the bridge.

    Bridge Ground Wire Replaced - the noise levels drop when touching the bridge BUT not as much as it was before I messed with it.

    After shielding - The noise levels are much lower than before, no noticeable change when touching the bridge.
    Grounding Bass.png

    My bass is now SILENT.
    $7 of aluminum tape. About an hour of taping and... Voila!
    It's easy and there are good tutorials like this: Jazz Shielding Pictorial (Big Images Warning)

    If you are on the fence - do it!
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