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    Oct 14, 2009
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    I been reading the threads about tube rolling and noticed quite a few people mention that the large plate 12AX7s would have more of an effect for bass. I ordered a JJ ECC803 Gold Pin (12AX7) from Tubedepot and installed it today. Right away I noticed more pronounced lows and mids in a subtle way. What I didnt expect is that now the DRIVE control has a much more pronounced effect. With the factory installed tube the drive would add maybe a few harmonics very mild. Now when I turn up the drive it sounds like tube push. I love it. Its as if this swap woke up that one control. Deff worth the change. Use a large plate tube if your going to upgrade.

    Orignal Factory installed tube GT 12AX7C


    Upgraded to JJ ECC803 Gold Pin (large plate)

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