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Bye Bye Musicman, hello custom P-Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by joelb79, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. joelb79


    Mar 22, 2006
    Lansing, Michigan
    Ever since I've bought my Fender Jazz Std, ive been not playing my musicman. I bought the Fender to be a backup bass while i was getting a pickup replacement for the musicman (factory pickup is microphonic), however i find myself not playing it anymore. Infact, i cant stand it. The tone is nasaly, it lacks character, and doesnt fit my playing anymore. I feel like a hunt and peck bass player on the musicman, and its killing my playing.

    So after playing every P-bass in stock at Elderly, i've come up with an idea that i think will replace my musicman. I want a P-bass, with the P pickup only, and an aguilar OBP-1 preamp. However, im torn between building my own using warmoth parts, contracting a teambuilt custom shop, or buying a highway-1 and hot-rodding it myself.

    Ive come to love the badass bridges. I dont need or necessarily want string through body. But i definatly want the added bass/trebble controls. Possibly an active bypass and a tone control. Trade in value of my instrument at elderly will be $700ish.

    My idea is to get the highway one, the OBP-1, and add those into the bass with future plans to add the bypass, series/paralell, and tone control, however i dont want to re-route the electronics. Im not thrilled about the idea of removing the pickguard to change batteries, but trading up to the highway one seems like a great idea.

    My question is a few things.

    1. Advise, build my own, custom shop or hotrod the H1?
    2. Who has a p-bass with an OBP-1 or similar pre that i can hear?
    3. Is this a good idea?
  2. dunamis


    Aug 2, 2004
    Do you really feel that the on-board pre is must-have? My first thought is "why not go with a passive P-bass and use an out board pre"? No re-routing, no battery, etc.
  3. I dont have much experiance with the OBP-1, but i have/am trying to get my P bass project going with the audere preamp. I thought some simple routing to the body for the battery and i'd be set, turns out the routing on a P is pretty much all you can do...theres not a lot of room in there for onboard pres....

    i reccomend getting a passive and doing external preamp
    or a rear routed warmoth body
  4. seansbrew

    seansbrew Supporting Member

    Oct 23, 2000
    Mesa AZ.
    What do you think about the American P deluxe? I got rid of my musicman in order to purchase it. I feel the same way about musicman bass. In the end I hated the way it played and it didn't sound good thru all my rigs. I got rid of it inorder to get my P bass.
  5. dunamis


    Aug 2, 2004
    I've heard that the Sadowsky out board pre is nearly identical to the OBP-1. You might start there if the OBP appeals.

    I've had 2 basses with the OBP-1, and IMO it's a great preamp. That said, I've recently gone back to a passive P bass (MIA '62 RI) with an outboard pre (PJB Bass Buddy). I find myself falling back in love with a passive P!:cool:
  6. Crabby


    Dec 22, 2004
    I think a P bass should be passive. Buy a good fender and keep it nice and stock. Otherwise fing a good feeling MIM p bass and do all the upgrades. My MIM Jazz is fantastic after upgrading the bridge and pickups.
  7. Keep P passive.
  8. Oliver


    Jun 21, 2003
    Perth, Australia
    mmmmm i love nasaly tone :)
  9. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
    Urbana, IL
    I found the same with the stingray single pickup, but the double pickup stingrays are awesome. If the SR is not working for you, by all means, so for a bass that works. I would go for the American Deluxe P-bass, personally. I have a deluxe jazz, and I love it!
  10. seansbrew

    seansbrew Supporting Member

    Oct 23, 2000
    Mesa AZ.
    I have a p deluxe and want a jazz deluxe, good Fender basses. The humbucker on the p deluxe is very effective at balancing the "p bass tone" with modern if you need it. With the humbucker full on and a bit of eq, you can get that Stingray vibe(just a little mind you, I'm not saying it will replace a Stingray). Plus the p deluxe has a modern feel and is very light.

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