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bypassing tone control - direct to tone cap?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by cheechi, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. I am rewiring and redoing a fretless J with Model J's. One thing I'm including in addition to a series/parallel mod is a pull on the tone pot to bypass it. I have considered wiring the bypass with cap to get an output similar to a varitone; bypassing the tone knob puts me directly to a tone cap value, I'm thinking something low like .022.

    I'm expecting that instead of 'full bright' like a typical tone knob delete would sound, this would make it 'full dark' when I pull it, right? And since the .022 will be in parallel with the tone knob itself, it will add to the value of the cap I put in the tone knob, say a .033, so with the tone knob on and full dark I will get .055 or basically the standard tone knob sound when full off. Right?

    the purpose of this is to try to get a more 'upright-ish' sound out of it so any suggestion of cap values toward this end would also be useful. I am also considering a push/pull for different tone cap values, say .022 and .033 or .033 and .068, to give some tonal variety. But one of the results I want to get is going to be that darker upright type sound if I can.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Sounds to me like someone needs a Stellartone Tonestyler...
    Look it up, it'll do anything you want without as much headache. All passive filtering.
    I played exclusively fretless for years. Through my experience of attempting to make Fretless bass sound as close as possible to an upright, I found out was that Nylon Tapewound strings are the best.
    I also found out there is no substitution for the dog house if it is the tone you aspire to and that you really should get an upright bass
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
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  3. well, you're right. I want one. however there are too many reasons for that not to be a reality for me. i'm short, lefty, don't have a place to store it safely & conveniently, and the wife says no. So there's one reason really. closest I will get is maybe a mid level electric 'stick' upright someday.

    I do appreciate the string suggestion, I am planning Roto 88's.

    As far as the tonestyler, I see it basically the same as the varitone. I like the idea of it, I use elements of it when I plan modifications, but that isn't really what I want.

    I was backwards before with my values, disappointed I didn't catch that. For now, I'm thinking I'm going to try a .01 in parallel with another push/pull with .022 and .033 on it and see how it sounds. Now all I need is some time to get the iron hot.
  4. sikamikanico


    Mar 17, 2004
    Im sure the wiring can be figured out, but I’m not so sure about the need to do so. Wouldnt you get the same thing if you just use a large cap (.067 or .1) to begin with, and roll the tone down when needed? Or is there a specific mid hump you also want at your fingertips by using a smaller cap for “normal” operation of the tone knob?
  5. yes that's sort of it. I like my mids, and don't want to lose (or have some say-so in how I lose) them on this build. While the dark tone is one of my goals with this, I don't want to have to re-eq effects and amp when changing basses and I do actually use my tone knob to make some small changes as needed. .1 is definitely too much, .068 is a possibility if I don't stack it with another but that's the highest value I think is going to be useful for this. That's why I thought of running them in parallel, I'm thinking a .055-.060 type range is really what I want, at most. and since I already have to mix values to get to that, how can I capitalize on the caps I'm already going to put into it to give more versatility.

    I know a passive tone knob isn't exactly a 'fine tune' type of thing. at a given value, say 5 on the tone knob, a push or pull changes the tone noticeably enough that it's worth having. I know there's other ways to get more tonal options on the floor, but part of this is 'that would be neat' factor as much as it is anything else.
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