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cab advice needed

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by b-ace!, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. b-ace!


    Jul 15, 2004
    Hi, hope everyones ok. I'm trying to decide which cab to go for out of the ashdown MAG410T and the hartke VX410, both paper cones. I tried the hartke aluminum cone cabs and found it too bright. Anyway I'm looking to use the chosen cab with a hartke 3500 which I'm planning on buying this week along with the chosen cab. here are the specs of the cabs question:

    Ashdown MAG410T
    Configuration- 4 x 10" + tweeter
    Power Handling- 350W continuous
    Impedance- 8 Ohms
    Frequency Response- 60Hz - 20kHz
    SPL (whatever that is)- 101dB 1W @ 1m
    Weight- 27.5kg (60.6lbs)

    Hartke VX410
    Configuration- 4 x 10" + horn loaded 1" throat compression driver. (I dont actually know what a horn is).
    Power Handling- 400 Watts @ 8 Ohms

    Couldn't find anymore info on the hartke. I'll be using an aria pro II (passive) with the cab.

    So what does people reckon? advice? anyone had any experience with these? :)
  2. b-ace!


    Jul 15, 2004
    So what do people think? advise? anyone had any experience with these? excuse my grammar in the first post :smug:
  3. To be honest I would check out an Avatar cab at that price range. They are regarded as a good value cab around here. I have a B212 and a B115 myself and I know I got my money's worth.

    Sorry this doesn't answer your question but I thought you might want to open up your options a little.
  4. b-ace!


    Jul 15, 2004
    yeah thanks! every and any advice is good advice, i dont know which shops here in the UK have avatar. hmmmm. I'll do some research......
  5. I didn't realise you were across the lake. Avatar is a mail order company in the States. You won't find one in any music shop.
  6. b-ace!


    Jul 15, 2004
    awwww man! :( I guess its back to the original choices ashdown Vs hartke. please someone post with some info/advice on these, I'm itching to buy my setup asap! :hyper:

    I've tried both but the shops they were in are like 20 mins apart so comparing sounds is hard. I did play the ashdown for alot longer though.
  7. well i must say first of all that the hartke vx series the ones with the paper cones suck!!! sorry. but i have herd of some great things about the ashdown mag series i would deffinitly go with the ashdowns.
  8. Kelly Lee

    Kelly Lee Yeah, I'm a guy! Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Marana, AZ, USA
    Out of those two, Ashdown all the way.
  9. andruca


    Mar 31, 2004
    Madrid (Spain)
    The best cab for the Hartke 3500 head is the Hartke 4.5XL (aluminium cones) 4x10" and a 5". The difference with all others is that the cabinet is very deep so it delivers large amounts of low end (the VX410 doesn't at all and neither do the rest of Hartke's aluminium ones -410XL or 410Transporter-). I had two of them with my 3500 and sounded terrific. As I moved to a more modern metal tone I traded one of them for a 215BXL (2x15" -the only Hartke cabinet that's deeper than the 4.5XL; but only 0.5"-). They complement each other perfectly and sound awesome. I know Hartke is low end gear for many people but I played lots of amps and as I like modern hi-fi very solid state sounds I would only upgrade to SWR (only other gear I really love). Take care...

  10. I have the Ashdown MAG300H 300w head which i use as a backup to my Ampeg SVTCL. I agree about the Hartke, forget the paper cone versions, the ali cones are the ones, but beware Hartke is a bright mid range type of rig, more funky pop sound than rock etc. How many rock bass players do you see using Hartke ??
    The Ashdown Mag series cabs are good value for money, i would get the 1 x 15" and the 4 x 10" and you are good to go for all events.The EVO500 is very nice but pricey, i had the EVO300 which was good but not alot different to the Mag300. The Hartke has one tube, apart from that its solid state like the Mag300.The Hartke 3500 is very loud it will blow away the Mag300 for power so if you like the sound maybe this will sway you.
  11. b-ace!


    Jul 15, 2004
    Hi thanks for all your comments, intially I was more impressed with the ashdown MAG410T cab but maybe that was because I had more time to give it a go than the hartke VX410 cab. Ive tried the hartke aluminum cones cabs and didnt really like them. they sounded good for slap but when using a pick (especially as my bass has alot of rattle) it was too bright. I'll have to give the hartke VX and the ashdown MAG cabs a go again.

    It seems that ashdown is the way to go judging by the comments in this post, but when i had a ring around some shops they told me to go for the hartke because "its best to use like with like", they said. hmmm still can't decide :meh:
  12. b-ace!


    Jul 15, 2004
    anyone got anymore advice?
  13. i currently own the avatar 2x12 cab and the behringer bx3000t head which is 300watts at 4ohms, my cab is 8 ohms so bsically i am only pushing about 165 watts through the cab this is plenty enough power for me doing practices and even gigs without pa support, and we arnt a quit band! so i decided to cahnge my rig. i am going to get tehj yorkville xm200t COMBO yes COMBO it is 200watts and has 2x10 inch speakers, i would just use this combo for practices with the band and small gigs, and i would throw a 1x15 extrension underneath it whic would move more and be louder, my opinion is you need to have a big rig to be able to be heard even if you are in a loud band. you probably will still want the head/cab rout but trust me you will get tired of it.
  14. b-ace!


    Jul 15, 2004
    well I was thinking about getting the hartke head and a 2x10 cab but will this be enough power for practicing and small-ish gigs, i.e. 200 people max. I was wanna buy something that I'll be happy with in terms of power. But my main dilemma at the moment is still which cab?! hartke VX410 or the ashdown MAG 410T??

    Is there much build quality difference between the cabs? I know the hartke has a horn and the ashdown has a tweeter. Im just curious which one is better generally.
  15. beepee


    May 2, 2004
    This probably isn't going to help your decision, but it comes down to personal preference of sound.

    Someone in this thread said to stay away from the paper cone hartkes. I've tried both the Hartkes (paper cone and alluminium) and found the alluminium cones to lack any balls, while the paper cones sounded much more to my ears. And I'm into rock, such as RATM and Muse.
    So i got the hartke 3500 and the paper cones 410xl. And i think it rocks, especially for the price.

    But once again that is personal opinion.
  16. bogart


    Dec 11, 2003
    big bear, ca
    I own 2 Ashdown 410's, and let me tell you, I'm sold. If I ever replace them it will be with their ABM series. P.M. me if you want a sound sample.