Cab Construction Week!

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  1. Hey all, Just got my Eminence Delta 10's in today!. So this week I'll be finishin up the 2 2x10 cabs. I figured this is prolly the best way to go. Portablity issues are what prompted the 2 2x10 setup. Hell, 48 lbs of speakers alone! Heh. Wire em up in series, and then parallel each 2x10 and my 1x15 for a total of 4ohm load to run through the Carvin FET900. Plus I can also play around with some stereo stuffs then as well. Total of 8ohm load between all the 10's. And an 8ohm load on the 1x15.

    God, I have too much crap now...officially. But maybe It'll prompt my guitarists to use something other than a 1x12 and 2x12 combo amp....for stage performances. Embarrassing:)

    I'll take pictures as I'm constructing the other 2x10, hopefully will help out others who want to do something similar....or just bag on me:)

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    I hate to tell you, tufnuts, but wiring your speakers in series has been banned here on Talkbass... :D

  3. Hey tufnuts, were did and how much you pay for the speakers, and were do you find info about building cabinets (size and plans) Ive been considering that approch myself to save a little money. What about a horn and crossover, what are you going to use.
    Are not all 410 cabs wired up as series parallel??
  4. Have you settled on a design yet?

    They are having an unbeatable deal on eminence speakers now. I paid ~$220 for the 4 delta 10's (56oz magnet, 2.5" VC, good 10"er) I've been using WinISD to get the sizing of the 2x10's to match up with my 1x15. All the dimensions are at home in a CAD file, I'll try and get em tonight. I know the interior volume is like 2.2 cu ft or so.

    Not all are series/parallel. Take 4 16 ohm speakers, parallel em, 4 ohms. 8x10 SVT's use 8 32ohm speakers in parallel...right?

    I don't really care about 32milliseconds (or whatever) of delay from wiring in series:). I'll keep the leads between em short...heh.

    No horn...yet. I'm gonna hold off from gluing one of the front panels on, so I can do it later...if I want.
  6. Only tube amps sound different with series/parallel speakers. Solid state drive speakers differently, and with less interaction with the load.
  7. Okay, the two cabs are 85% done. They are at a prototype stage. This means:

    All glued/constructed.
    All hardware mounted.
    Speakers mounted/wired up.

    And that's it. No carpet, No speaker protection. Glue is prolly needs overnight to finish curing. Need another hour apiece to finish the carpet/bend up the grills. Took 5.5 hours to start from scratch on both of em, so after finishing that means ~8 hours total. Or 4 hours apiece. I'm a machine!

    Took em inside, plugged em in to make sure they work. Plugged one in at a time. Then hooked em up to my 1x15 combo I've made. Everything works, good deal. Played at low volume, listening for any major flaws. Then put my mini-disc into the input, and played the MD I've made of various Ideas I've stumbled upon. Put it on play, and varied the volume, and my position in the room. Nice clean response. They'll get a full beating on tommorow, take advantage of that warranty!! :)

    I'll have pics sometime, and I'll link em up. Prolly in a couple weeks.