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cab for gigging

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by YellowCarLuke, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. YellowCarLuke


    Sep 28, 2011
    Right so I have a Mesa mpulse600 going through a marshall jcb410 (came a part of the deal w/ the head)and the low end sounds a bit 'scrambled'.

    I'm looking for something for gigging about with so ideally wold like something light and durable yet reasonably beefy/loud. Something not uber-expensive too would be cool. I've posted a link of some stuff below.

    Any suggestions or directions?

  2. Take the amp to your local music store(s) and test drive it with a few bass cabs and checkout the Gallien-Krueger NEO and MBE-II series bass cabs.
  3. Bob C

    Bob C

    Mar 26, 2000
    Duluth, MN
    Hey Joe,

    On paper, I like the Neo series cabs better than the MB. But they don't make a 2X10. Do you have personal experience with the single 15 Neo? Would two of those and an MB500 head pack some serious punch?
  4. I use an ampeg classic 410he. Its the closest cab tone wise to the ampeg 810e which I used to own and if it wasn't for the size I would still own it. They are both sealed cabs (no ports) which helps improve clarity on low notes a lot. the 410he is small and really light for a 410. to go any lighter you'd basically have to go with a neo loaded cab or a different configuation. some people never try them because of specs but if you look at the specs on the 410he and compare them to the 810e you'll notice they are pretter similar and the 810e is without a doubt the most popular bass cab for big touring bass players.