Cab ohm loads and Amp Ohm preferences

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  1. Ok... So... What kind of an effect would a bass cab that's say.. 5.33 ohms or 2.7 ohms have on an all tube head that is specified to be used on either 2 or 4 ohms? What is the risk of damage there?
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    A head that is rated at 2 ohms means that it can accept a load down to 2ohms. Do Not Go Below it. A Head has a certain power rating associated with the impedance spec. So if the Head is rated at 400Watts @ 2 Ohms and you connect a cabinet that is a higher impedance than 2 (like 4 or 8) then the Amp will output less power.

    In your case if the amp is rated at 2 ohms, then you can run either a 2.7 or 5.3 ohm cabinet. If the amp is rated at 4 ohms, then you would only connect the 5.3 ohm cabinet; not the 2.7 ohm cabinet.
  3. So you're saying that as long as my amp ohm rating is set lower than the ohm rating of the cab it should be fine? Just don't go below the ohm load that the amp is set at? Am I understanding that correctly? That would be perfectly safe for both the cab AND the amp?
  4. That response was not appropriate to an all tube amplifier. In fact, with a tube amp running too high of an impedance can be more damaging than too low.

    Use the setting closest to the load in question, if an amp is not robust enough to tolerate +/- a power of 2 then it is junk and just as well if it blows up. An old Ampeg would be fine, I have no idea about the VR.
  5. No......

    What Jmac stated is only good for Solid State.

    Tube amps are completely different.

    Hopefully someone else can give you the right info (I really don't know much about tubes - I'm a S/S guy)
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    cab impedances aren't exact to begin with and a speaker's impedance varies anyway at different frequencies...

    anyway, 2.7 is close enough to 2 and 5.3 is close enough to 4. don't worry about it.