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  1. Back in '75 I had a GBX rig with a 4-12 (GBX) celestion cab. It was a guitar rig, but it handled outdoor hard rock gigs just fine. It was so long ago I can't objectively compare it to later rigs. I haven't seen any bassists mentioning using a 4-12; is there anyone out there using one and whaddya think/feel about it?
    Just curious.
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    In 1974 I turned down a job with GBX here in Toronto. I considered their products to be garbage. Poorly made boxes and dirt cheap low power drivers. I thought the idea of a pre-amp feeding any number of powered cabinets innovative but the implementation was poor.

    I never heard about them using Celestion drivers in any of their products.
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    I currently play through a 70’s Ampeg V4 4x12 cab with drivers replaced with Eminence Basslite 2012s (4 Ohm each). It’s my favorite sounding cab.

    I modified it to come as close to the 70’s SVT/V4 rig I played all through high school (the school owned it) that, I think, had the Altec speaker upgrade option. Mine paired with my V4B reissue is great, IMO.

    IMG_1816.JPG B719761E-A5E3-4B8F-86FA-6D2954687E6C.jpeg
    All of that said, the 4x cabs seem to have lost their appeal, at least with the TB crowd; they are heavy and tend to have issues with off-axis frequency cancellation. 2 vertically stacked 2x10 or 2x12 seem to be the preferred cab setup around here lately. Personally though, I do like my 2x Ampeg SVT210AV setup, but just not as much as my V4. YMMV.
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  4. I'm surprised you haven't! Sorry for the picture quality of the detail, but it's all I have to work with. MY amp DEFINITELY was marked with "Celestion" in the lower right corner (where the bass version is labeled "Bass"). I won't dispute your assessment of the amp as I was moving up from a 15 watt Univox bass amp/spkr rig and a Teisco Checkmate guitar rig. That's why I've asked. Lots of room for improvement! I loved it!
    GBX F.jpg GBX F det.jpg

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    Just think, Paul...if you had taken that job, maybe they would have ended up successful one day.

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    I'm glad you found something that you loved. That's always a plus! :)
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    I would have added toobs in the signal chain! LOL
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  8. Great suggestion/idea!! :bassist:
  9. I made the mistake of LOANING it to one of my former bandmates who removed the power amp (leaving a big hole in the back & wrecking the cab's sound) & claimed the preamp head "was stolen out of his station wagon"! No good deed goes unpunished!