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  1. Hi Mike,
    Saw your gig in Atlanta and you were excellent, as always! Hope you come back this way soon.
    Had a question about the way your Eden 4x10 cabinets were stacked. I notice you had 'em on their sides, so the ports were on the sides instead of top and bottom. Is there a sonic reason for this, or is it just so you can stack 'em without taking the wheels off? I have an Eden 4x10 as well, and it can get a little too bottom-heavy around F#, F and open E, so I was wonderin' if you had discovered some sonic secret to having the cabinets on their sides.
    Thanks, and safe travels!
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    hi dave,

    the main reason I do that is cuz the other way makes the stack top heavy and scary to deal w/on stage - rolling it around and just being careful not to tip it over. sideways like that spreads the weight over a wider dimension and makes things more stable.

    as for you having too much on those notes, what amp do you have? the edens have great parametric eq's that can center in on the "bogarting" notes and notch them down.

    on bass, watt

  3. Mike,
    Thanks for the reply. I use an SWR SM-900 with my Eden 4x10. The amp has 12 bands of EQ which I set flat.. I'm sure with a little tweakin' I could fix things. It's not as bad as I probably made it sound. Those cabs have a reputation of being a little boomy on the real low notes, but they do sound great!
    See ya next time in Atlanta.
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    try boosting some of the bottom frequencies, one at a time and the ones that really cause a big bump - cut that one. not too much, just enough to even things out.

    hope this helps.

    on bass, watt