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Cabinet crazy. Can you guys supply opinions on the different makes?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Slaphappy, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone,

    So...cabinets. So many great brands but no way to hear or test the vast majority of them LOL.

    If you guys could post your thoughts on the characteristics of the cabs you use that would be fantastic.

    I have heard/used SWR cabs and Fender, GK, Eden, Ampeg, Trace Elliott, and some MarkBass.

    How does Aguilar, Avatar, Schroeder, Ashdown, Bag End, Bergantinos, EBS, Epifani, and Hartkes sound?

    Are any of these names good for rock bass shaded with Jamerson? My style is rock tinged with funk and blues. I usually use passive basses (Fender RBIV is main bass) and my basses are strung with Fender 9050L flats.

    The idea for the rig would be to keep up with a well-equipped guitarist and drummer at least. Gig size would likely be small to medium at the most. Gig frequency likely just two or three a month.

    Any ideas for heads would be great too! I have tried Ashdown heads in the past and liked them a lot, but am wide open to suggestions (and that includes Carvin heads).

    BUDGET: Ideally 1500.00 for head and cabinet(s)

    Oh...and keep it fairly lightweight...like 50-65 pound sections please.

    Thanks everyone....hopefully this could prove to be an informational thread for those who don't get opportunities to try these brands either! -Dan
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