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  1. dabber


    Jan 22, 2001
    Hi all. Longtime browser, sometime typer...
    O.K. Here's the situation. I have a Peavey Mark III head that I've been playing thru a Crate practice amp and a pair of cheap powered portable cd monitors. This setup actually has worked for about 2 years now, amazingly. Unfortunately, the Crate finally said "enough". I now need a speaker cabinet. Here are my specs/gear/requirments...

    Peavey Mark III XPSeries 300Series CHS head
    2 parallel jacks with min amp load 4 ohms
    150 watts 23 VRMS(huh?)
    by the powercord (into housing) it says 500watts
    Five string(low B) fretless
    Four string fretted
    Guitar(oh stop booing)

    around $100

    I don't play out. I need something strictly for home practice with the occasional "wife out shopping" volume increase.

    My thoughts:
    Can I buy a cheap(Nady?@musiciansfriend)PA cabinet to do the trick. I'm tempted by the $99 12"@400w on sale with a stand. Could that give me a decent sound? I like the option of jamming with a friend thru the same speaker(2 inputs on head). I went to M**s and S** A** but the best deal I could find was $119(haggle price) on a Soundcraft(?) 12"@150watts I believe. I know the popular and logical answer would be save up, but this is x-mas money from in-laws that WILL be spent on the house if I don't spend it soon. I was going to buy tools for the house but my speaker blew after x-mas so my wife said I could get a cheap cab for now, so I can at least play. All other money is way too tight so I need a cheap option.

    Or, should I use the cash and try to sell the head and get a small combo?
    Any opinions would be welcomed. And please, I know all intentions are good but I can't save up and get "x" for $400 or so..
  2. captainpabst


    Mar 18, 2001
    i'm not sure a 12" PA cab would have the bottom end you'd want, but it would work. you could check ebay and see what turns up...the cheapest bass cabs i can think of (besides stumbling on a deal somewhere) are the hartke transporter 210 or a gallien krueger backline 210...probably talking about 250-ish.
  3. dabber


    Jan 22, 2001

    After I posted I called Musicians Friend and got a shipping quote...$30. I did call alot of pawn shops but no cabinets for bass or pa, I thought that was odd... If I go with the Nady, I'm looking at $130 for a 12" 400watt with stand. I don't think that's too bad. I know it won't be great quality, I just want something to play thru that wont blow up.