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Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by Rimas, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. Ok, I've narrowed it down to three, which would you pick, paired with a Clarus.

    EA CXL-110
    Raezers Edge Bass 10
    Bag End S12B
  2. I haven't heard the RA but the CXL 110 is a great speaker. I love the EA stuff.
  3. Bijoux


    Aug 13, 2001
    I have the Bag End 12 and I am pretty happy with it, and if I need more power I can add another 210 speaker with it and it sounds great without having to carry a lot of weight or just something too big and akward.
  4. oklarain


    Feb 4, 2002
    Seattle, WA
    I ordered a Raezers Edge Bass 10 last week. I should be gettingit in 4-5 weeks, if you want to wait that long I can tell you how it goes.

    After talking to Rich Raezer I decided to go ahead and give it a try. He was extremely informative and helpful in the decision making process.
  5. Ive played through his cabs before, mainly with electric though. what did he have to say about them?
  6. oklarain


    Feb 4, 2002
    Seattle, WA
    He spoke about construction. He puts in chambers (I am not sure how to say this) so that the bass travels a longer distance through the cabinet before it leaves the ports. Also you may have noticed that the ports are on the front, this helps with this.

    He also had a lot to say about the people who use them. He started with just guitar cabs and bass players used them as well. After hearing a bass through his guitar cabs live, he wasn't very happy with the sound, so he redesigned the cabs to work better with bass. He says that his 12 can pass as a 15 and the 10 can pass as a 12.

    He recommends using the claurus heads with them. He has said that he dealt directly with AI to better design his cabs to work with their heads.

    He is a great guy, and I can't really do what he said justice. You should try and give him a call the number is on the website.

    Good luck in your travels.http://www.raezers-edge.com/
  7. abaguer


    Nov 27, 2001
    Milford, NJ
    That thing about chambers sounds suspiciously like a transmission line design. EA uses them as well. I've heard nothing but good things about the Raezer's edge cabs and they seem to be pretty efficient. Haven't heard much electric bass through them, though.
  8. Anyone had a chance to test one of the new accugrooves? they write about 'em like thjey dont compare to anything else, and their list prices are negotiable through the dealers (All three of em). Any inside info or comments? (the Tri-Series 2x8 seems to be made for a clarus, 200 w at 4 ohms)
  9. Mike Carr

    Mike Carr

    Feb 5, 2002
    Hong Kong
    I'm very happy with my Raezer's Edge 10 inch cabinet. It sounds very good with the Clarus and the Walter Woods heads, I have both heads but am more often than not using the Clarus with it, because it's a bit smaller and lighter than my old Woods head. It's sound compares quite well with the Woods, and has a bit more power than the Woods M-1008.
    I've had nothing but positive coments from both musicians and non-musicians on my sound. The Raezers Edge has a big sound for such a small box. Plenty of lows and a very natural high end too.
    With my bass wheel attached it's possable to make it from the car to the stage in only one trip, using the Clarus amp bag over my shoulder and the speaker in my free hand, it weighs next to nothing!
    I highly recomend Raezers Edge, Rick Raezer is a real nice guy that really seems to have found a way to produce a fine product that's not over priced and lives up to it's claims.
    I've not used this rig with bass guitar out on a gig yet but it works great with my Carruthers Sub-1 EUB and my "real bass". The Sub-1 puts out a very powerful and complex tone which at high volumes could reduce my old cabinet, an old Woods-Woodford with a Carvin 15 in it to pure mud. The Woods-Woodford was a cabinet that Walter Woods put out for a very short time in the seventies, he made it with Peter Woodford, who often would sub for guitarist Bob Bain on the old Johnny Carson Tonight Show with the Doc Severson Big Band. Only a few of these cabinets were made, the name plate on the back says "Woods Mini Amp". They came loaded with a Gauss 15 in them and were considered to be "the best" within the L.A. jazz and studio crowd at the time. Bassists Monte Budwig and Herb Mickman used to use one with a Walter Woods and many other L.A. guys did too. My never sounded as good once it's original Gauss blew up. The Carvin sounds ok but not the same. It's heavy, about 50 lbs. The Raezers Edge certainly out preforms this old cabinet, no question, It's 10 inch beats my old 15 inch. Cleaner at comparable volumes.
  10. I have a Raezers Edge Twin 8T and have used it w a Clarus. The Raezers Edge cabs are great. Really warm , accurate, and punchy. I just ordered 2 Raezers Edge bass 10's. I think this will be the perfect rig for me. Use 1 cab for most gigs, and both for the larger venues.

    I have also used a Clarus w/ EA VL 110. Did not like the EA's with the Clarus. Not warm at all. My Walter Woods green light amp sounded better with the EA cabs. (I play UB and a fretless Jazz bass. Tough to find one rig that really does justice to both)
    I have also used a new Bag End 210 also.That sounded real big, but it was too much to carry around for me. That combo worked ok for the UB, did not like it for the EB.

    I say go Raezers Edge w/ the Clarus. Rich is a great guy, easy to talk to.
  11. I think i figured it out. Two rigs. Thats the only way im gonna get the sound i want from both basses. A clarus and raezers edge for my upright, and on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, an ampeg vintage svt or the svt-cl, paired with either 210's or 4. Thats for the p with flats. Im a big fan of vintage tubes.. so, im just gonna spend a lil more money. thanks guys.

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    That sounds like a pretty good idea. I like the idea of pairing the Clarus with a Raezers edge cab for Upright(though I would have gone for the CXL!). As for the electric rig, keep in mind that the SVT-CL sounds nothing like the original SVT's. It is a different circuit. You would be better off with even a Mesa all tube head. Why not look into a vintage Ampeg V4? 100 watts all tube. They are great sounding amps, and they don't weigh a ton.
  13. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    Before you go that route, you might want to consider a stereo Woods head.

    Two indpendent preamp and power amp channels in one small box, then use two cabs (one for URB one for EBG) and you're golden. The high powered stereo Woods puts out 350 watts a side which should be enough :D

    My take on cabinets is that what you want for EBG is a low-midrange boom that sounds terrible with URB. but a clean, tight low end for URB can make the EBG anemic.

    The older Woods heads work nice in a single cab setup because each channel has a different sounding EQ voicing and I can dial in the fat lows I want for the EBG as long as I have a tight sounding cabinet (I use Epifani or Bergantino 12" boxes). I have been very happy with this setup. Other heads I've used have great EQ for EBG but have been weak in EQing the URB. I understand the newer Woods heads have the same EQ voicing on both channels, not sure how well this works compared to the older units.
  14. Yes I agree. I use my Woods the very same way. Having two rigs is a big hassle. Less is mo. I am so over hauling around stuff.
  15. Yeah, If i could find a used woods Id definitely be interested, because I dont want to wait over a year. 2 rigs will be a pain, but If i pick up the Clarus/Raezers edge combination, I can double on that for jazz gigs, and then with the other band(s), with strictly electric, i can pull out the SVT(cl all tube head hopefully) and a good 210... Ive still got a moth or two to decide, so..
  16. Mike Carr

    Mike Carr

    Feb 5, 2002
    Hong Kong
    This afternoon a played a gig at an outdoor "streetfair" in the Westwood district of L.A.
    All the streets were blocked to motor traffic so I had to park several city blocks away. No problem, simply wheeled in my double bass, Clarus over the shoulder, Raezer's Edge 1-10 in my free hand. It felt great watching the drummer sweat trying to balance all his cases on a too small cart while I calmly sipped coffee and enjoyed a smoke before the gig. It's a working musician's dream rig!
  17. Another head that I have used is a SWR Baby Blue. I used that for awhile w my Raezers Edge and it worked great for the fretless EB and UB.
  18. Well, I fried My other amp 2 nights ago, and called hammond-ashley's the next day to see what they had in stock. There should be a Clarus and a Bag-End 15b on my porch on moday. I missed out on the cxl-112 deals that bass nw had, and they sold the used RE Bass 10 that they had. I asked how long it would be to wait for a RE at hammond ashley's, and they said a few months. I have agig on monday, so...
    Will this cabinet do me justice? all I know about it is it looks pretty(oiled birch). Bryce said that its the setup he uses and it sounds great. Any comments?

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    That is going to be a great rig! I really like the Oiled Birch series of cabs. They also tend to have a bit tighter response. Sounds really good!:)
  20. J. Hale Music Supply

    635 Briarcliff Court, Hartland WI 53029
    email: [email protected]
    Voice: (262) 510-5140 FAX (262) 367-5140

    PS: I bouth the RE Bass 10 from BNW
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