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  1. What would be agood cab choice to pair with a clarus? I need something that will get a good sound for urb and bg. Bob reccomended the carvin 2x10, any other good sounding cabs out there that will be powered by this amp?

  2. Chris Fitzgerald

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    That's a really good question. I have yet to find a cab that is ideal for both - I prefer 8" speakers for DB and 10" (plus one larger size) for BG. I'd have to agree with (ALL HAIL) Bob that a 2x10 is probably the best compromise. I use one occasionally when I have to double on the same gig, but I feel like it makes the DB a bit boomy much of the time. Still, if you HAVE TO double, that's probably about as good as you're going to get. I'm surprised that Bob didn't suggest any of the Euphonics cabs. Bob?


  3. The Euphonics cabs are a bit out of my price range. So i was looking for info on some different makes that sound good. I tried looking at Raezers edge cabs, but their page is down. Anyone know anything about em?..
    How would the clarus sound through an acme b1? would there be suffiecient headroom with the cab?
  4. Chris Fitzgerald

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    Oct 19, 2000
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    I believe that Alex Feldman has one and swears by it. He's a pretty laid back guy...I doubt very much if he'd mind if you sent him an email or a PM. I bet if you did a search here for the RE stuff, you'd find not only his email address but also an entire thread devoted to the subject. I think you have the right amp head for what you're trying to do (I'm crazy about my Clarus), you just need to try out as many different cabs as you can. Good luck.
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    I got my Euphonic 2x8 on e-bay at what I consider to be a very reasonable price. Euphonic has treated me VERY well, and the cab sounds tippity-top with UB and Walter Woods WW-1.

    My friend Mark Kleinhaut plays jazz guitar through a Clarus, an Euphonic 1x10 and a Raezor's Edge 1x12. Talk about hi-fi!

    Mark's experience with the Clarus is worth taking note of, though. The first one they sent him was noticably noisier than my Woods, so he returned it. The second was the same. Finally, they told him, they actually burned-in a run of thirty and sent him the quietest one. At last, it was there.

    Anyone else have that?
  6. Chris Fitzgerald

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    Oct 19, 2000
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  7. Well, some guy is selling his walter woods amp and a euphonics 110 cab on ebay for buy it now price oof 1150. you guys should loan me 1150, so i can buy it. seriously.;)
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    But we've only just met...

    It's funny you posted this, I've been thinking almost the exact same thing. If you already have a Clarus, you won't need the WW - just the Euphonics 1x10" . That should lower the price a bit. I'm pretty sure I heard Bob say he'd played some gigs with that setup and liked it just fine. I'm saving for a 6 String BG, and will be in the market for the same kind of setup soon.
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  10. I dont have the clarus yet, im just trying to figure out how much money im gonna need to save up. Im lookin at buying the rig in january or february, so maybe ill find something like that setup on ebay in january.

    Ive played through a raezers edge cab unknowingly at a clinic. What would be the best setup to play with electric and acoustic, paired with a clarus amp? does raezers edge make any 210 cabs?
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    Yeah, yeah, Raezer's Edge cabs are a good thing. They project very well and are true to whatever sound your amp is putting out. I use 1x12" (Yeah, I know 8"s are the only way to go Chris). Paired with a Woods head, it's overkill for almost every gig I play. If you buy a new Raezer's Edge cab, get a 1x10".

    Rich Raezer is also a cool guy. Call him up and ask him questions if you're skeptical.

    If you're anywhere near the Chicago area, you can come hang out check the cab out for yourself. Just email me.
  12. ANyone know anything about the ampeg pro series cabs? i played one of my friends through electric bass, and the cab setup overall sounded pretty good, i dont know how much of it was the cab, (ampeg svt 4 and pr410 hlf), how would a 210 sound with a clarus, anyone? thanks.
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    One thing you will notice is that guys who play upright and jazz like boxes like the Raezer's Edge, Bag End, Euphonic, Epifani, Bergantino, Acme, etc. and guys who play bass guitar and rock like cabs like Hartke, Ampeg, SWR, Eden, Carvin, etc.

    That should tell you something.


    My experience is that it is really hard to get a good sounding amp setup for DB. There are a lot of variables (starting with YOUR bass and YOUR pickup) which can impact what amps will sound good. I've found that while what sounds great for DB can be less than optimal for electric (esp. for blues or rock where you want a grinding tone) it's much better than the opposite case.

    Volume is really the killer. In a typical jazz application you need much less volume than for a rock band so it's easier to get a nice tone. When you have to crank the DB up (like in rockabilly or electric blues) it sounds very unnatural. So many cabs aimed at jazzers aren't designed to give massive volume, rather they focus on smooth tone and compactness (both for ease of transport as well as dealing with tiny stages). You'll notice the Clarus is not a high powered amp, either. 120 watts into 8 ohms and 200 watts into 4 ohms. Plenty of power for jazz gigs but pretty low powered for rock.

    Cabs for rock are exaggerated tonally. Older cabinet designs (like the Ampeg SVT) overemphasized midrange. Newer designs like SWR and Eden hype the real lows and highs instead. These can be very seductive sounding with electric bass but make it tough to dial in a DB sound that is like your bass sounds unamplified.

    OK, so what to buy?

    On a budget, the Carvin 210 and the Peavey 210 both sound OK for upright. I used to own the Peavey and it had pillowy bottom end, reduced mids and you could dial in the mount of highs you needed with the tweeter attenuator. For electric bass, I found it was mid-shy but still usable. It's a 4 ohm box so you'll get 200 watts out of the Clarus. I bought mine used for $180 and I see them in the $150-250 range regularly.

    One budget 1-12" box I can recommend is the Genz Benz. Not as sweet as the Epifani or Bergantino boxes, but super cheap. I paid $175 used and I think they are about $275 new. Smaller and lighter than a 2-10, mids are more filled out. I bought this for my daughter to use (she also doubles DB and BG) but ended up using it on some gigs for almost a year and it worked very well. This one is 8 ohms.
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    Jul 28, 2000
    I've found with my EUB that the SWR California Blond is a good choice for several reasons. 1: It has two discrete channels the second can either be an instrument or a microphone. 2: It has enough power and the capabilities to run another extension speaker and it can also be directed to a board if need be. It has incredible sound for EUB, its a little tinny for my accoustic fretless and would probably sound better with an extension. I have played through a EA110 with an ampeg amp and I don't think it sounds better than the SWR, at twice the price. The SWR has plenty of low end for accoustic bass but has the ability to have very accurate mids and highs.
  15. Heres what ive been thinkin about. A clarus paired with an EA cxl 110. For about 1 grand. ? sound good to anyone?
    :confused: ;) :D
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    Figure $1065; I've sold a couple setups like that, including one to a guy in Pennsylvania just this past week. It's a very natural sounding combination. No big boomy bass, just the real deal.
  17. Will it cut through with a big band, or an acid jazz group where its kinda loud, but not too loud?
  18. Bob Gollihur

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    Mar 22, 2000
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    It would have no problem with an acoustic "big band" if we're talking about the traditional 40's or so 15+ pc band.

    Acid Jazz - "kinda loud" is pretty subjective ;) - hard to say.

    Since it's not a whole lot more, you may also want to consider the Euphonic Audio iAMP combo: which was recently written up in BP magazine - - it is killer and has more flexibility than the Clarus; same EA cabinet, just integrated as part of the combo. It tempts me. But it's not as light as the Clarus/EA.

  19. You say the iamp is more flexible, but whats the comparison between it and the clarus? If you a/b'd em with your upright, which would you pick? also, does the iamp combo run at four ohms? because the cxl 110 cabinet is an 8 ohm cabinet(unless modified for the iamp combo), so what does the iamp 350 put out at 8 ohms? Also, if there is a cxl 110 at four ohms, how do i get ahold of one? thanks.
  20. Bob Gollihur

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    Mar 22, 2000
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    Big Cheese Emeritus: Gollihur Music (retired)
    The cxl-110 is an 8 ohm cabinet. I don't know the official 8 ohm rating of the iAMP but can find out on Monday; I'd guess around 200w.

    It really comes down to personal choice, needs, and budget.

    I suggest you take a look at the specs for the iAMP 350 as well as the BP mag review. You'll see that it has a more flexible EQ section which would allow more aggressive and wider range of tones, to accommodate more styles and instruments. The Clarus is a great double bass amp and it also does a nice job for electric bass, but if I were doubling on electric and/or other instruments, and needed a head for more aggressive play, I'd want the iAMP. If you are only playing double bass gigs, the Clarus would be fine.

    You could go through with the + and - for each head to make the personal decision. I only mentioned it because if I wanted one amp of that size and capability to serve more than one purpose, I think I'd want the iAMP. However, for small and portable, you can't beat the Clarus/cxl-100.