Cabs sensitivity?

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  1. Will a cab with sensitivity 103db need more power to get same volume level as a cab with sensitivity 96db?

    (How does that sensitivity counting work?)

    Thank you
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    Well from what I know the higher the sensativity the louder/less watts you need.

    If you have a cab that is rated at 98 db and put 400 watts into it, it is going to be loud of course, but if you have a cab that has a sensativity of 103 and put the same 400 watts into that cab. It will be louder.

    I don't know the tecnical stuff about it. I just know the higher the sensativity the better.
  3. aha, so generally higher sensitivity = louder volumes
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    The spec is for sound pressure level with 1 watt input, measured 1 meter away. The cab with 96dB sensitivity will need ~5 times the power that the one with 103dB sensitivity does to achieve the same level, all other factors being equal. (!) A 10dB increase in sound pressure level is generally accepted to sound "twice as loud", more or less.

    Here's a simple (erm...maybe) calculator you can play with to see how power correlates to loudness:

    And as always, there's the Talkbass Amp FAQ