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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by groundzerobass7, Nov 2, 2000.

  1. groundzerobass7


    Nov 1, 2000
    whats up guys I currently have an old BASSMAN tube head that I just got used for a great deal! Im going to Get some cabs for it soon Got a few questions about that
    1. 2x15 or 4x12?
    2. What barand of Speakers?
    3. What brand of cabs?

    Im new to cabs this is my first head and any suggestions about what kind of cabs would help, by the way i dont want to spend much more than 600$
  2. Get the biggest, most efficient cab you can handle. If the bassman is 50 Watts(2 6L6's) then you are gonna be hard pressed to gig with it with no PA. If it has 4 6L6's, then it is about 100 Watts and you will probably be able to play small gigs with no PA support for the bass. All this depends on the rest of the band you are playing with.

    Efficiency is the key, and usually great efficiency means huge cabinets. Look at a 4x12, cause it will maximize the volume out of a 50 Watt head. Peavey makes a new 4x12 for Bass. Lots of manufacturers make big bass cabs with different speaker configs.

    If you want an original cab to go with the head, check ou the large 1974 Bassman cab here:

    Don't ever sell the Bassman, even if it is not loud enough right now. Later on in life, you will want a decent sized jam amp with killer tone to play with a drummer and a guitarist with about 20 Watts, and you'll already own it.:D

  3. groundzerobass7


    Nov 1, 2000
    throbbinnut it is the one thats 100 watts, any suggestions on speakers any more opinions would help
  4. 2x15, 4x12, they'll all sound good, depending on manufacturer.

    Get that big old 1974 Fender Bassman cab from UGBM. That'd be cool as crap! Then use the remainder of your money to have the bassman retubed and recapped. You will be amazed! Full original power, booming bass. More soul and better sound than any transistors ever dreamed of doing. :D


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