Cain's Dinasty, my new band :)

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  1. Last friday I had a audition with them and they decided to let me in!

    Here I put the Facebook page, if you like the music please hit the "Like" button :smug:
    Information and music is on the left, "Band Profile".

    Cain's Dinasty | Facebook
  2. Congrats on the successful audition.

    It's not really my cup of tea but they sound like good musicians and well produced.

    I wanted to ask though. Did they misspell "dynasty" on purpose?

  3. Thank you!

    About the band's name...I cannot tell far as I know all members speak english fluently, so maybe is on purpose...
  4. Mirios


    Dec 29, 2010
    Boise, Idaho
    Congrats on passing the audition. I like the sound should be a lot of fun to play imo. But I have a tendency to like power metal. And the Witch hat is just nifty.
  5. +1 :)

    And yes!!! Is really fun to play this kind of music!!
  6. Definitely is on purpose, it seems that they wanted to have a "wink" with the spanish roots of the band :)
  7. More opinions about the music welcome!