CAKE in OKC April 21

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  1. I've got three tickets to see Cake in Oklahoma City April 21. Both friends backed out and I don't think I want to do the drive to see them alone (5 hours). So, PM me if interested. I will cut you a deal.

    I might do the drive anyway and just have two for grabs, but as of now I can't justify footing the gas bill alone for the show.

    I'm giving them both until tomorrow to change their minds before I give up. :bawl:

    What would you guys do? I've never seen Cake live, but think it would be a great show. 5 hour drive there, show, hotel, 5 hours back all on my own dollar. Worth it? I don't think so alone, but hell yes with others splitting the cost.
  2. Any comment?
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    Aug 2, 2011
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    My friend is a big CAKE fan and said they put on a good show (I haven't seen them live)

    But, yeah, that is a big drive to go alone - I would sell them and try again next time

    What's up with these guys backing out? Shame on them!
  4. I know right, I was up there for another concert over a month ago and bought the tickets for Cake at the window. I called them first to confirm they were on board. Now, here we are two weeks before the show and they bail :mad:

    One said he doesn't have the money and the other claims his wife won't let him go.