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  1. DGBanana


    Aug 8, 2017
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    I'm looking into getting a new compressor and was curious if their is a big difference between the discontinued cali76 (TX,STD) and the cali76 compact deluxe, besides the obvious price of course. Also, why were these models discontinued?
  2. Phagor


    Mar 26, 2002
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    The main difference is that the larger Calis had a big transformer in them. There isn't space inside the compacts for that. I imagine they use smaller surface mount components for the compacts too which may affect the sound in minor ways.

    My experience with studio gear that has a transformer in it is that it gives a sparkle to the top end and tightens the low end which sounds pleasing to the ear, especially on bass.

    The Compact Deluxe has a Dry knob - a blend control for parallel processing which most of the larger Calis don't have.

    I guess the compacts are cheaper to make than the larger models. Many people had an issue with the size of the larger Calis. Maybe they are redesigning the TX to use surface mount components but keep the transformer in a smaller box.

    If you haven't already, have a look at Ovnilab's reviews of the two:

    Origin Effects Cali76
    Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass and Compact Deluxe

    Are you not interested in the Compact Bass? It sacrifices individual Attack and Release knobs to add a high pass filter in the sidechain to let the low end breathe.
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    Well the big difference is the size. The originals were/are HUGE! They were probably discontinued simply because people were opting for the smaller cousins. Ovnilab's observations I think are pretty spot on about the two versions.
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    The size, dry blend, and HPF had me picking the CB over a larger 76. To my ears I couldn't hear much of a difference between the full size and CB so it was a no brainer. can kinda tell there's a liiiiill difference but for the life of me can't see that difference amounting to much when it's being fed into a tube amp anyhow
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    What the others said. I have a big Cali (limited edition G-P model) and it's the nicest pedal compressor I've ever heard. Hell, it's nicer than most of the rack compressors I've owned. But as noted it's YUUUUGE. I'm just a weekend warrior bar band guy, and doubt I'd notice much difference between mine and one of the Cali Compacts... well, I doubt my ears would notice -- the LED ladder on the big one is a highly useful feature. But again, the size can be a problem, especially on the cramped stages I often play.