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Calling all MARKBASS users

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Groovehunter, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Groovehunter


    Dec 3, 2004

    I have a littlemark bass amp, a traveler 104 and a traveler 151

    who else here uses these remarkable bass amps? I personally think they're pretty swish.

    What type of music do you play with them, what are your preferred settings and what basses do you use with them?

    I play rock and metal mine using a mia jazz and euro spector. I love my markbass.

    what do you peeps think? :)
  2. Texx


    Sep 10, 2004
    Hi, i switched to this fine MARKBASS stuff couple of month ago. I don´t regret it at all. So far i own the old Little Mark and think it looks far better than the new ones (which are EXTREMELY light though)l and the traveler 102.
    I play mostly fingerstyle rock, soul and funky stuff with my P-Bass.
    Rarely do i touch the EQ. Only when the room is little boomy i roll of low mids and add some high mids to get more definition.
    The combination of this small cab and the tiny amp is unbeleaveably loud i just played an outdoor gig without any problems.
  3. lsdn


    Sep 6, 2003
    padova (italy)
    I own a P500 head (the first product from Markbass) and a 103 cabinet (6 ohm) .It's a loud setup , good for small and medium clubs.

    I play mostly rock music.
  4. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    I have the F-1 Little Mark in fire engine red. I run it through an SWR Basic 2-Way cab that has a rear ported 1-15 and a horn. The cab is 8 ohms. I run my eq flat, occasionally boosting the low mid or the hi mid, depending on the room. The preamp gain is set at around 8/10 and the master volume set at 3/10. I control overall volume with my bass. I don't use or like the VLE feature.

    I picked up a padded computer case for a 17 inch laptop and use that to carry the head.

    My main working bass these days is a Levinson Blade. I run it through a Sadowsky preamp pedal with the volume on full, bass boosted to roughly 4/10.

    I then use the volume on the bass to control overall volume, the balance control on the bass to move between bridge and neck pickup, and usually have the tone up full. Most often setting favors the bridge pickup.

    I have used this set up for roughly 10-11 gigs and have had many compliments from bandmates and musicians in the audience. In fact there was a fellow TB'r in from the UK at a gig two weeks ago (who TB I.D. I can't recall) that said it sounded very nice: defined, good bottom and nice defined mids. I'm playing R+R covers, jazz, blues, soul. The jazzy stuff sees the neck pickup favoured and I get a nice bottom end.

    What I like best about the Markbass is that it is powerful and can get seriously loud, if I ever need it, which I haven't. It's portable and capable of offering lots of EQ possibilities.

    Very nice gear.
  5. kasbrey


    Aug 23, 2002
    Northampton UK
    I recently traded in my Eden 410XLT + Qsc & pre for a Little Mark 11 500w head Standard 102hf and the smaller Traveller 102p (both 2x10's). Took it to a jam session last night and had the the pleasure of hearing other bassists play through it as well as me. Very very pleased :hyper: Had many compliments on the tone.
    I personally think the new amps and cabs are a significant improvement on the old range (which I could have bought discounted). The amp weighs less than 6 pounds and is so loud and punchy! Lightweight Neo cabs too with quality speakers. Unbelievable value (at least here in Europe). Can't wait for my first proper gig with them on Friday.
    I play in a Disco/funk band but last night was mostly rock. Have a 75 re-issue Jazz and a Precision.
    I set it virtually flat with only a tiny amount on the VLE and VPF controls. I think the VLE works the opposite way round on the new range of amps?? (trebliest all the way to the left) The VPF appears similar to the enhance knob on Eden amps. Scoops the mids and boosts highs/lows.
  6. Groovehunter


    Dec 3, 2004
    awesome - I paired my traveler 151 with a 104 yesterday and my God does this thing deliver the goods or what? It seriously packs a full mean punch with the markbass little mark amp. Shifting some serious air for such a compact yet full rig.

    I'm happy, I think my bass quest has almost ended...for now.
  7. Has anyone compared the new amps with the older models? The difference in weight is amazing, but do they sound as good?
  8. Chef

    Chef Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    May 23, 2004
    Columbia MO
    Staff Reviewer; Bass Gear Magazine
  9. SnoMan

    SnoMan Words Words Words

    Jan 27, 2001
    Charleston, WV
    Could anyone tell me who the US dealers are. I'd like to get some pricing information on the little mark II and the SD800?

    Thankies :D
  10. Warwick player

    Warwick player

    Dec 31, 2002
    Bucks, UK
    IIRC they don't have a US dealer yet, though that was a while ago i heard that, and being across the other side of thee pond i can't tell! :D
  11. Markbass will hit the US ~ by the end of this year.
  12. Grazer5


    Oct 24, 2004
    Winnipeg, Canada
    I've been using a Markbass 210 combo now for about 4 months. Great sounding amp! My other amp is a SWR Baby Blue II, which I love dearly but it was getting overworked volume wise. The MarkBass weighs only 12 lbs. more than the SWR and has over twice the power! Those B&C Neo drivers really crank, I've yet to make this thing fart or break up on stage. I wasn't aware that they're not available in the states, they used to have ads in BassPlayer. They sell them up here in the great white north.
  13. Chef

    Chef Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    May 23, 2004
    Columbia MO
    Staff Reviewer; Bass Gear Magazine
    That's really interesting to me as I use and love an swr baby blue 2x9 with my double bass a lot, and while (like you) I love it dearly, it'd be nice if it had some more oomph. I'll be very interested in these when they get here.
    Would they be suitable for DB?
  14. Texx


    Sep 10, 2004
    my teacher who is a jazz player tried my setup with his DB and really liked it since it´s very transparent and doesn´t colour the sound of the Bass.
  15. Chef

    Chef Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    May 23, 2004
    Columbia MO
    Staff Reviewer; Bass Gear Magazine
    Ack! I meant swr baby blue 2x8!
  16. seanm

    seanm I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize! Supporting Member

    Feb 19, 2004
    Ottawa, Canada
    Not a US dealer, but Dave at Club Bass in Toronto Canada would probably ship to the US. He's a great guy, so it's worth a call or email.

    Tell him Sean sent you, he'll say "Who?" ;)
  17. Jackbass


    Dec 19, 2003
    Paris (FRANCE)
    This brand has incredible stuff. One of my favorite bass amp manufactor with EBS and TECH soundsystems.

    Cabs and heads are very punchy. Clear and warm sound! Very professionnal.
  18. I understood the fan runs continuously. Is this true? Do you markbass users think it too loud for bedroom practice?
    Otherwise it seems The Perfect Amp!
  19. Psycho-bass


    Apr 8, 2005
    I understood the fan runs continuously. Is this true? Do you markbass users think it too loud for bedroom practice? 
    I have the littlemark1 and a 2x10" (14kg :p ) and i run it in my bedroom without problems, It's perfect! I Love the sound!
    But in a loud band this setup might be quite thin.
    I think changing my littlemark for a GK 1000RB II and add a 15"

    someone have compared the littlemark1 vs the 2?
  20. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003

    The Little Mark is a loud head. I play with a loud drummer and I run the head at 8 ohms, putting out 280 watts. Haven't had the need to add another 8 ohm cab to pull the full 450 watts out of the head. I've used the head on 11 gigs since May. A couple of times in rooms holding 400 people and it has lots of power. Keep in mind that an SVT puts out 300 watts and it is plenty loud.

    If you need more power, I'd strongly recommend getting a decent PA. I'm not clear why you would need such loud stage volume.

    The fan runs full time but it makes no noise at all.