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Calling all Schecter SB-1 owners!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dryheatbob, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Got an itch lately to sell my Cort GB44, add some cash and go shopping...

    ... and found myself wanting something I didn't think existed. I keep finding my self gassing for a EB3L copy by Dillion, but really like the sound of the Schecter Custom 4 I played before buying my Schecter Deleo. To make matters worse, since I can't play the Dillion, I have to depend on what others think of its' sound.

    Long story short, I stumbled onto a Schecter SB-1. EB3 like body, mahogany and all, plus the same pups and eq that's in the Custom 4. Seems like a match made in heaven. For me, anyways.

    So what d'ya think of your bass? How's the neck? Easy to play? How's it balance?

    Anything you don't like about it?

    anyone interested in selling theirs? ;)

    Thanks for any info you shoot my way.

  2. I like mine a lot been gigging with it for about 2yrs with no problems. The only negative thing is there is a bit of neckdive when you let go but I think that's natural for bass with full scale neck and small body. It's confortable and very playable and looks good.
  3. Thanks for the input there, Mr. W!

    Thought I'd bump this for anbody else out there with a SB-1 that didn't see the post yesterday...

  4. Startin' to feel a bit like I'ma talking to m'self...

    Anyway, went to a local store to try out a few Dillions to see how well they are built, and what do ya know! They have the out of production EB3 clone I'm gassin' for. Tried it out and really liked it. Sounded best with both pups on, but it did have a pretty good range of useable tones all in all. Fit/finish was impressive, though the frets were a bit sharp. Not bad, but sharper than my basses at home. Neck dive was minimal and not bothersome at all. That brings me to my next find...

    As it turns out they also had a used(but mint) Schecter SB1 there too! Played it to see if it sounded similar to the Custom4 (I thought it did) but that's when I ran into a problem...the neck dive on the thing was something else. The Dillion I could play without a strap sitting, but the Schecter was impossible. Even with a strap I had a hard time balancing it sitting down(how I usually play).

    Point is, I liked the sound and the price of the Schecter, but I'm curious if you were able to find a comfortable way to play it sitting down. It didn't seem to matter how I place the lower horn on my leg, I kept finding myself holding onto the neck with my left hand. Kinda hard to play that way.

    So how did you work this out with your SB1, Mr. W?