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Calling Dr. Frankenbass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Rick Martin, Jul 24, 2001.

  1. I'm accumulating the parts to build myself a custom P bass. I've got one of those Maple/maple necks from Magic Dragon that are on ebay all the time, a swamp ash top routed P body from the Warmoth thrift shop ($149). A Gotoh 201 which came today (NICE for $20). A Seymour D Quarter P'er. Some cheap ass looking tuners from ebay which may have been a mistake. A somewhat cheap looking pearloid pickguard from the same place. Pots already wired together. Some cool black metal control knobs. A neck plate and screws and strap buttons from Warmoth. D'Addario XL strings and a custom made decal for the headstock from one of those computer sign shops. I'm flummoxed about what to do about finishing this beast. Originally I was thinking Ice Blue metallic with matching headstock. I figure that would be cool with the maple fret board and white pearl pg. I've studied the Guitar Reranch web site and had two phone conversations with the guy and I'm not anxious to spend over $60 on materials and about five days or more to do the work. When the body gets here, I'm gonna wanna slap tha bitch together and play er. Maybe I'll play it unfinished for a little while and then take er apart and do the finish thing correctly. Either way, you guys got my back on this....right?

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