Calling Peavey Tour 700 Users

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  1. So I'm pretty hard for this head and I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say about it. The things that interests me the most is the amount of clean head room and the 9 band graphic EQ.
  2. I loved mine while I had it. I ran it through an 8 ohm Avatar neo 212, ampeg 810e, and a Mesa PH412.

    Even at 8 ohms it always had enough power for me and always sounded great. It's a really clean amp so that's great if it's your thing but I like a bit of dirt in my done. The graphic eq was great also.
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    Duke, so you can't push the Peavey into soft distortion?
  4. No, I found that the distortion from the amp coming from the pre was pretty harsh and it didn't sound nice, so I opted to run a clean tone at the time.

    I eventually got into buying different preamps with my newer (to me) amps and would think the Peavey and a nice cab with a good OD pedal would work great.
  5. That would be my plan with this amp. My current setup just doesnt get me enough clean head room. I just ordered one of the Joyo Ultimate Overdrive pedals that everybody in the effects section has been talking about.

    I have been seeing some good prices on this amp. I'm hoping to pull the trigger after christmas.
  6. I played though a tour (can't remember which one) and a beat up Ampeg 410 at a blues show last year and it sounded loud & proud.

    A Tour 700 is on my short list for a new bar band rig. Any love/hate for this amp?