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Callus and rubber stopper on endpin problems

Discussion in 'Orchestral Technique [DB]' started by Bassguy87564, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Bassguy87564


    Jul 5, 2006
    Okay I know these are 2 different things but I figure I will kill two bird with one stone. Here is the callus question, everytime I take a shower the dead skin on my finger begins to flake and kinda makes holes in my callus. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before and if they found a way to prevent this. Now for the end pin, the rubber stopper at the end seem to wear away really fast. I have had my new bass for about a week and I am noticing alot of erosion already. I was wondering how long they usually last for everyone or if anyone else has this problem. I wasn't to sure where to post this so I am posting it in the jazz and orchestra tech. but if anyone has had these problems before just let me know what you did to fix it. Thanks everyone for your help
  2. Violen

    Violen Instructor in the Vance/Rabbath Method Inactive

    Apr 19, 2004
    Kansas City Metro Area
    Endorsing Artist: Conklin Guitars (Basses)
    Callouses Happen. Showers Happen. Dont Practice after you shower. Practice before, or wait for your callouses to dry.

    If your not washing your hair that day (I dont wash mine every day, but every third day) You can wear latex gloves in the shower to keep your hands dry.

    The other solution is to practice more.

    As far as the endpin i had the same problem so i said screw it and got a cello rockstop for ten dollars. I actually got three. One that stays in my bass bag, one that stays at home and one that stays with my stuff at school.
    It works really well.
  3. For the callous: +1 on practicing more.

    For the endpin - drill a hole in a piece of dowel, jam the endpin into it, put a heavy-duty crutch tip on the dowel. It'll last for a couple of years of daily playing. Buy the crutch tips first so you know what size dowel to get. The hole in the dowel should be big enough where the dowel won't split, but the endpin will wedge into it.

    Once in a very great while, I'll run into a waxed floor where the crutch tip will slip. It's probable that a rock-stop would slip on these floors also. I carry a cello floor-strap in my case for these situations. A D-ring goes around my stool leg, the other end has a V that the crutch tip fits into.
  4. don't shower.
  5. If the rubber "stopper" on the end pin is showing wear, it may be from sliding. Put a bit of rosin on the end to hold it more firmly in place and see if this helps.
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