can anyone help me out with my heat???

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  1. I have a heat pump at my house and I can not get it to work (our landlord is gone until monday and it's supposed to get down to 19 degrees tommorrow so we could use some heat)

    here's what I've tried-

    reset the breakers
    reset the thermostat
    checked the unit for an external reset button
    made sure it was set to heat

    all to no avail...the outside unit is a Compak 10, and I have a White Rodgers digital thermostat

    any help would be appreciated :)
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    Bypass the thermostat. You'll just need to remember to disconnect the wires when it gets hot enough. Remove the wires from the thermostat, and connect the red and black together directly. It is a low voltage device, so you won't get shocked at the thermostat end. Don't go messing with the wires inside the furnace though.

    It isn't the safest solution, but it will get you by until a professional can look it over. At 19 degrees, you need to do something besides turn into a popsicle.

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    Go to Home Depot and buy a couple of those small room sized circulating oil space heaters. Excellent way to keep a single room war if you have furnace problems. Just don't leave the plugged in and running unattended.
  4. got itfixed, got ahold of the heating/cooling guy our landlord uses and he came out and said it was a blown transformer...a few screws and about 10 minutes later we had heat :)

    thanks for the help guys