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Can anyone help me set up my 6 string?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by MCBTunes, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Forgive me, for i have sinned......no, not a bass.... my g*itar....my bass polays like butter. But my guitar is giving me sever problems....

    It just wont stay in tune for the life of it, and it has fretbuzz....

    What I know so far:
    Now I know how to do the action by trussrod and bridge adjustments, and I can do intonation but I cant get this guitar to play good.

    I'm told the tuners are good ones, my strings are like 3 weeks old and I went through the stretching process, my bridge is tremelo but I dont use it and the bridge is properly secured to the body....So what could it be? The nut? Its mainly the B, G and some Low E problems in standard tuning. low e is sharp, g is flat. As far as i know i wound the strings around my pegs properly. I followed and acoustic guide online.

    I've messed with the action and trussrod to no avail.... I can get it to buzz evenly on the fretboard everywhere, which means the neck is in the right place(just a little bow), then io raise and raise the strings.... it just KEEPS buzzing, I play clean so it is really raunchy bad. Should I look into a neck shim? Or other procedure....

    PLEASE! thoughts?
  2. Sippy


    Aug 1, 2005
    some guitars just CANNOT stay in tune.. BC Rich warlocks are known for that. Every person I knew that had one had to tune it after like 3 or 4 songs.. Another thing you might wanna try is to see if the tuners are slipping. Tune the Guitar up and put a piece of tape on the tuner of one of the strings you said was going out of tune.. and then put the other side of the tape on the other tuner of the string u said was going out. Place it VERY gently on there and play for a little while. If the tape comes off then the tuners are slipping.
    Is it a locking tremelo? Like a Floyd Rose? Do you have little house shaped metal squares on the top of the strings by the nut with allen screws in the middle?
  3. Nah, no floyd Rose locking. Just the norm, I dont even keep the tremolo bar in it. It's an OLP MM2... a Musicman Silhouette copy. They dont have a history of going out of tune. When I first got it, there were major problems, but the bridge wasnt sitting on the body correctly, so that fixed it for awhile.... now its just bad in a different way again.
  4. Sippy


    Aug 1, 2005
    ok.. all I can tell you if you are sure the neck is straight, the bridge is good and the guitar isn't notorious for this kinda stuff is to make sure the pegs aren't slipping.
  5. ok I'll check that, if the tuners are slipping, do I need new ones? Or can they be tightened.

    If they arent slipping, which is most likely true because the G is usually sharp. What should I do? I really would rather not take it into Long & Mcquade for setup, as I am just learning myself, and would like to actually fix this thing and feel like I've accomplished something :)
  6. You might try a locking nut so that once it gets tuned, you can lock at least one end of the strings
  7. Josh, as for how capable I am with setup.... well it is questionable. I am still learning. But you've even helped me fix other problems before with my bass. You think I should take it to a pro and suck up the 20 buck cost? Or is this something I should e trying to persevere with?

    1) Yes, It does tune up.
    2) the strings dont "look" like they are binding.
    3) I did it like it said online, sitck the string through, kink it, wrap it underneath the stringgoing to the post, bend it up, then tune it up. Although the strings do some x-ing on the post, but not on the main problem string.
    4) Never heard of tremolo setup.... I just pretend I dont have one. Maybe we found my problem. (unless your talking about making sure hte bridge doesnt move off the body which I have done.

    1) Cool, thats what I thought.
    2) No idea, but not unless it came with one. b)yes
    3) I know the theory behind checking high frets, but I dont have a pro strait edge. And I dont have one short enough to only fit across 3-4 frets i nthe upper register.

    Hambone, what will a locking nut set me back?
  8. and for the record I've basically given up trying to keep it in perfect tune. I just switch it to the bridge position and try and make it dull the sound of being out of tune.
  9. I dont think rewraping is going to work, last time it was amajor hassel, I'll just take the strings off, deal with the neck and re-string it tomorrow.

    I'll pop the neck off if I wont have much trouble getting it back on strait? It's a 4 bolt so I think I should be ok with just sticking it back on.

    I'll give myself afew more days ofplay with this thing before I take it to the tech... Although I don't know how competent the guys here are, or if I'll even beable to be there and watch.

    Man, learning bass, guitar, vocals, about electronics, amps, setup and all this at once is probably a little too much to handle. Maybe I'll stick to learning to play for awhile and deal with all this other mumble jumble later :). I spend more time on here than I do with my bass.... which isprobably a bad thing.
  10. If there is one available that will fit the space avialable, then not much - probably around $15 or so. If the tech has to make room, it will run probably $35 or so.